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Wake Frequency Calculation Form - Access the form here: Strength Calc per ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2016

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Flanged Thermowell

Thermowell with Flanged Process Connection in Various Styles

Flanged Thermowell Image

Socket-Weld Thermowell

Thermowell with Socket-Weld Process Connection in Various Styles

Socket-Weld Thermowell Image

Threaded Thermowell

Thermowell with Threaded Process Connection in Various Styles

Threaded Thermowell Image

Weld-In Heavy Duty

Thermowells for Heavy Duty Environments, Weld-In Styles

Weld-In Heavy Duty Image

Sanitary Thermowell

Thermowell with Hygienic Ferrule Process Connection in Various Styles.

Sanitary Thermowell Image

Van Stone Thermowell

Thermowell with Van Stone flange Process Connection in Various Styles

Van Stone Thermowell Image

Protection Tube

Fixed and Variable Length Protection tubes

Protection Tube Image

Guard Tube

Sensor Guard Tube for Physical or Solar Effects

Guard Tube Image