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Temperature plays a critical role in beer making

Triple elment RTD for multi peripheral inputs reduces entry points in a pharma process 

Cryogenic pump required temperature monitoring of housing.

Old school electronics solves a long lead-wire problem for monitoring and control of a ground source heat pump system

High vibration and water hammer solution for a sanitary temperature measurement

Fast response RTD and thermowell assembly insures accurate volume measurement during custody transfer.
Compendium on Averaging and Multi-Point Sensors and their Applications.
High pressure and small diameter pipe leads to surface mount temperature measurement solution
A120711 Erratic temperature measurement readings triggers search for RFI, EMI, and stray voltage
A120712 What kind of sensor do I have?  Identification of RTD and thermocouple temperature sensors.
A120629 Miniature PRT loop powered transmitter for use in confined spaces
A120626 High temperature type R thermocouple and Hexoloy® thermowell solves 2000°F+ measurement challenge
A111207 Averaging RTD for Conveyor Oven
A110630 Thermowell wake frequency and strength calculations per the new ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2010
A110425 More about measuring temperature in really small diameter tubes
A110331 Ceramic thermowells can solve more than just high temperature measurement problems
A101221 Flush mount RTDs solve mixing vessel temperature measurement problems
A091202 Battery powered indicator and Series 300 RTD solves rail car temperature dilemma
A090826 RTD vs. Thermocouple - which is most accurate for measuring a small liquid volume?
A080627 Need to monitor the changing temperature of a tablet bed inside a tablet coating pan.
A080616 Monitoring the temperature of peanut butter in a mixing vessel is simple with the Burns flush bulb sensor
A080528 Removable tip saves time and money on a cocoa bean roaster.
A080430 Tip sensitive RTD solves variety of surface temperature measurement challenges.
A080409 Cheese manufacturing plant saves money on downtime by replacing traditional direct immersion temperature sensors with a non-intrusive design.
A080321 Sanitary temperature sensor with integral thermowell solves calibration dilemma.
A080301 Submersible temperature sensor for monitoring cooling water discharge into a river.
A080218 Sanitary elbow thermowell for temperature measurements in a small diameter line
A080201 A multipoint thermocouple for tank level measurement of a highly corrosive fluid.
A080131 Accurate flow rates are a function of both temperature and pressure. A combination PRT and pitot tube assembly was designed to measure these parameters in a pipe and provide compensation to the flow value.
A080108 A multipoint PRT was needed to detect frost level in the ground. Accuracy and long term stability were needed to ensure years of reliable service.
A071227 A multipoint thermocouple design was selected for a storage tank level and temperature measurement application. Fast response, low cost and highly localized temperature points were key to the success of the design.
A071122 A 300 Series design was selected to accurately monitor the temperature of a renewable fuel heat exchanger. The small size of a thin film PRT allowed the sensor to be packaged in a small diameter, flexible tube.
A071118 A thermocouple was custom designed to meet the challenges of a rugged, economical and easy to install temperature sensor to monitor the condition of a pipeline along its length.
A071010 Obstructions can sometimes interfere with the installation of an RTD into a thermowell. A segmented probe allows a bend that solves the installation problem.
A071011 High temperatures, pressures, moisture and air velocity created unique challenges for surface mount temperature sensor design.
A050823 The Series 300 RTD is resistant to shock and vibration which made it the best choice for this difficult application.
A050828 Quick cable disconnect allows the sensor to be easily removed from the process and because it is IP68 rated the sensor can be sterilized in a steam autoclave.
A050829 High accuracy room air temperature sensor and transmitter helps a pharmaceutical company improve product quality and lower costs.

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