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Burns - ISO-9001: 2015 Certificate.

Certificate of Registration


Certificate of Approval of the Burns Quality System to the additional requirements of the ATEX Directives

Quality Assurance Notification


Certificate of Approval of Burns Quality System according to the additional requirements of the IECEx directives.

Quality Assessment Report

ATEX Certificate

ATEX Approval of Series 100, 200, and 300 Assemblies.  Certificate # FM15ATEX0054X 

Explosion Proof; Protection Scheme - Flame Proof

EU-Type Examination Certificate

IECEx Certificate

IECEx Approval Certificate for Series 100, 200, and 300 Exposion Proof assemblies. 

IECEx International regions, Certificate # IECEx_FMG_15.0031X

Explosion Proof, Protection Scheme - Flameproof

Certificate of Conformity

USA Flameproof & Explosion Proof Certificate

Flameproof and Explosion Proof (Class / Dividision) Certificate of Conformance for use in the USA.

Certificate # FM16US0097X

Certificate of Conformity

Canada Flameproof Certificate

Flameproof Series 100, 200, and 300 Assemblies for use in Canada; Explosive Environments

Certificate # FM16CA0009X

Certificate of Conformity

NVLAP Calibration Lab Accreditation

NVLAP® Accredited Temperature Calibration Lab.   Lab Code 200706-0

Per ISO-17025 and NIST Handbook 150

Effective:  9/6/18 - 9/30/19

Certificate and Scope of Accreditation

3-A Certificate

Burns list of 3-A Authorized Products to Standard 74, Rev 6. Effective through 2019

3-A Authorization Certificate

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