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Burns at Sensors Expo - Stop by!

Posted on May 31, 2012

Sensors Expo, June 6 and 7


Next week in Rosemont IL, Jeff, National Sales Manager and Bill, Sr. Applications Engineer and RTDologist will be talking up the importance of the "Measurement" part of Temperature Measurement.


Stop by Booth 722 (floor plan) and see what's happening.  Try to stump the guys with your most significant temperature measurement challenge.


Or ask about the Miniature Tranmitter; function that fits anywhere.More about the T16 Mini Transmitter


The conference has a great line-up of sessions - view the Conference-at-a-Glance.

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Burns on YouTube..

Posted on March 31, 2011

youtube-logo.jpgMore activity on the last day at Interphex in New York.  I heard it was a great show, except for the rainy final day.



Watch the video the guys created at Interphex. YouTube Video

Interested in learning more about the Burns Autoclave sensor family?  Click here for the catalog.

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Burns Interphex Experience

Posted on March 30, 2011

What's happening at Interphex?


Bill is streaming our Interphex experience live to the team back at Burns.  It's a fun way to allow the entire team to share in what's happening.




Sharing a few messages with our visitors at the show.your-needs.JPGsolving-challenges.JPG

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Did you see this in the Interphex Show Daily?interphex-show-daily-back-cover.PNG

Stop by and visit with Bill (RTDologist™) and Jeff (RTDology™ Moderator) in booth 3813.  They have lots to share.

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To be revealed at Interphex 2010

Posted on February 26, 2010

Interphex PR........................Interphex Puerto Rico, March 4th and 5th. Booth #418.


Stop by and check out the most clean-able and easily calibrate-able Non-intrusive temperature sensor ever shared with the world. (that may be a bit bold, but it feels good)New SNI




If a trip to the Caribbean isn't in your immediate plans, we hope to see you at Interphex New York in April.  We'll have even more news to share then!!Interphex NY

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Trade Show? No Go?

Posted on December 18, 2009

What is your opinon of the classic Trade Show experience?  Burns participates in various Trade Shows and although there are always some interesting people to meet and facinating things to see, the attendance has been pretty thin.iphex-1.JPGmwfpa-traffic2.JPG


Has the Trade Show style event run out of steam?


Has information accessibility via the WEB transcended the historical value of the Trade Show hands-on experience?


What do you think?


What approaches do you prefer to evaluate products and services and see what's new?


Share your thoughts.  Comment anonymously, simply don't include your name in the comment text.  We are always looking for ways to better connect with our customers and other temperature enthusiasts.



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NCSLI and Talkin’ Temperature

Posted on July 28, 2009

Burns Temperature Measurement Experts at NCLSI are making things happen.  Matt Z. wins the Mitutoyo dial caliper by indicating the correct time to within 2 seconds.  matt-wins.JPGThis may be a good opportunity to Stump the Temp Expert on precision, uncertainty, accuracy or on any temperature topic you happen to be dealing with today.


Leave a comment or send a tweet to TempTalk.


How accurate is accurate?  I wonder if Bill or Matt can answer that?



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NCSLI, visit the Burns booth #601

Posted on July 27, 2009

The Burns booth at NCSL - Flexible and creative, just like our custom designs and approach to solving temperature measurement challenges.ncsli2009-booth-1.JPG If your in San Antonio at NCSLI, stop by and ask some really difficult questions to Bill and Jeff.   They're all ready for you.  If you can't be at the show, Send a tweet via twitter to Jeff on @TempTalk, or leave a comment here.


Let's play stump the Temperature Expert.



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BE in the know-during Interphex09

Posted on March 12, 2009

Interphex 09 in New York is going to be momentous!  OK, maybe that's a bit strong!  But we are excited, curious, and ready to listen to what we can do to help you achieve confident and cost effective,  control  and temperature measurements.  See what going on in the BE booth (#3205).




If you can't be there, or even if you are, let us be your information stream.  Watch this Blog and follow us on Twitter

beblog.jpg twitter_logo.png

We'll keep a stream of info, fun facts, observations and other happenings of interest, available while the Burns team is floating around the Javits Convention Center.


What would you like to know about activities at Interphex?  Comment here and we'll be your connection to the show.


At the show from Burns:  Judy, Jeff, Bill, Patrick & Chuck.  Stop by, register to win an iPod, talk a little temperature with us and grab a few insights from Bill.

bill-education-corner.JPG interphex-solution-banner.JPG

Temperature is our language.  Let's chat about the language of accuracy, and since we love a good challenge, let's talk the language of solutions.


We have customized, modified, configured and designed RTD's for 1000's of interesting applications.  We'll put our experience to work on your Temperature Measurement challenge.  Because - At Burns, Customization is the new Standard!


See you in NY or online...



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Interphex 2009 preparations….

Posted on March 5, 2009

The activity level around Burns Engineering as we prepare for Interphex in New York is buzzing. interphex09.jpg The story we are excited to share is not about Sanitary RTDs,  electro-polished surfaces, or tri-clamp flanges.  It's more about clean-ability, responsiveness and accuracy.  The real conversation is about temperature measurements that achieve confidence and compliance with an improved understanding of the interaction of the sensor and the process.


That's the stuff that brings calm to the crazy and helps you get in your zone.


The mantra is:  Temperature measurement in a context that the users understand and care about.  Help the process owners be heroes of their process.interphex_home1.jpg


Visit the Burns Interphex page and catch a glimpse of what's happening in booth #3205.  We'd love to chat about making you a hero!


At Burns, Temperature is our Language!


See you at Interphex!


The Burns Team.

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NCSLI; Burns offers Minnesota nICE

Posted on August 22, 2008

NCSLI in Florida was the place to be in early August.










John Zwak presented a paper on Using an Ice bath to approximate the Triple Point of Water (TPW)









John and Bill Bergquist also participated in the EXPO.  We had a little fun with the ICE theme..  It's all about the ICE, ice bath, TPW, Minnesota ice fishing and the interesting combination of all three....











At Burns we believe in bring to your PRT and Temperature Calibration needs a practical and valuable perspective that will have a positive Impact on your Business....  If you missed us, send us a note at:, comment on the BEblog, give us a call or stop by visit us in Minnesota.  Remember if you wait until January, that ice theme comes back in full force.


See you next year at NCSLI 2009 in San Antonio.  Metrology’s Impact on Global Trade


Practical temperature measurement insights is Burns' contribution to Metrology's Impact on Global Trade...


Join us...



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Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo; Photos

Posted on June 26, 2008

The Burns team snapped a few photos at the FEW Expo...few-expo-logo.jpg


What the talk is all about... the-controversy.png


Our friends from Yokogawa.yokogawa-team-2.jpg


Some great guys at


Did you grab a bobber at the BURNS booth?bobbers.png


Proof that there is more to producing Ethanol than, Fuel, Feed.


Many of the organizations at the FEW event offered various perspectives regarding some of the controversy in the industry.fagen-logo.jpg


Fagen Inc. had this sign in their booth...kernels-of-truth.jpg


An interesting and informative Expo....


What were your observations or questions about Ethanol?  Click the comment button and share...



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Home from the FEW event?


Interested in what's happening in the Ethanol Industry?


Have a few thoughts about Ethanol and want to be in conversation?


Here are three places to engage...








>  Burns BEblog...  we'll stay connected from the temperature measurement perspective. Also check out the Ethanol page.


Sponsored by Ethanol Producer Magazine, Jessica Sobolik Managing Editor






>  The FEW Blog.


Talking Stalk Blog, with Tom Bryan...


Stay in touch and share your experience and wisdom about the Ethanol Industry, critical temperature measurement and all the challenges we face in the world of energy consumption and sources...



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More than a FEW at the FEW Expo

Posted on June 17, 2008

Ethanol and it's expansive support industry at the FEW Event have rushed the gates at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center.   They are talking everything from filter bag systems, mixers, bacteria issues, biodiesel, fermentation and thermal oxidizers....   The conversation even dipped into the area of CIP (Clean in Place), posing the question, "Should the Ethanol fermentation process move toward the sanitary guidelines similar to the food and beverage industry?"  This was driven by the co-product "Distillers Grain" entering into the food stream through the animal feed.


The Expo opened Monday evening, breaking the ice with a Grand Opening and massive social in the expo arena.  The spirit in the room was an interesting mix of excitement, passion and commitment to all the good aspects and value of Ethanol as a clean and renewable fuel energy source.  That doesn't mean that there aren't questions and concerns about the interdependency with the other uses of corn, and the economic complexities as the ethanol industry grows....  It sounds like these folks are aware of all of this, and are committed to being good stewards of the resources they consume and at the same time looking for additional Sugar & starch sources to balance the demand for corn.  One alternate fermentation product being discussed is ALGAE!  Now that's being creative!


More later from on the Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo and the passionate folks in attendance.


What are your thoughts and concerns about Ethanol...  Click the comment button above and tell us your thoughts.



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Serious work at INTERPHEX08 - really!

Posted on March 28, 2008

...There's a saying that goes something like this...


"Take your work seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously."


PIA & FDAmonkey2.JPG


It appears the PIA agent at Interphex2008 believes that also...


The work at Interphex is certainly important, but the P.I.A agent found that at ROVISYS, a leading provider of process automation solutions, they take their work seriously, yet are willing to have a little fun as well.



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Is the PIA on your case?

Posted on March 26, 2008

When it comes to biopharma manufacturing processes, we know you've got a lot to deal with, like the P.I.A., for instance. (NOTE: The P.I.A. – Process Investigation Association – is in no way related to the FDA, they're just meaner!)




So for all you folks at INTERPHEX '08, beware of being served a summons by our very own P.I.A. agent. When you receive your summons, relax and be sure to visit us Burns Engineering at Booth #458 for relief.


We have trained personnel from Burns Engineering standing by; experts in how temperature plays a role in your biopharma process. They are ready to assist you with solutions and relief, not only from the P.I.A., but from the FDA, CFR, GMP, CAPA, P3-A, ASME-BPE Standards and SIP/CIP system validation and certification issues!


So who knows? With all the temperature-measurement solutions he can lead you to, our P.I.A. agent at INTERPHEX '08 could turn out to be your best friend!


(Stay tuned for more reports coming from the show floor of INTERPHEX '08 over the next few days.)



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Interphex 2008 - See you there!

Posted on March 20, 2008

  "...accelerating regulated products for patient care globally."interphex_logo.jpg


Profound statement from Interphex.  We'll be there.


Get "Served" by the PIA Rep., then get relief from the Burns team!

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Thinking about MWFPA.

Posted on November 21, 2007

How important is the requirement for No-Animal-Derived materials?


3A vs. the ASME-BPE? What’s your perspective?


Is irradiation effective as a method to insure safety?


International expansion: Your thoughts on maintaining food safety?


The role of temperature control on your CIP/SIP efforts?


Would better temperature-control improve your efficiency?


MWFPAWow. Lots of questions on our minds as we head to Milwaukee next week to participate in MWFPA 2007. The food & beverage manufacturing process is a challenging one. We've learned that by being trusted partners for clients in the food & beverage industry for more than 45 years. So we hope to see some old friends and meet some new ones next week.


But why wait? Let's start the conversation right here: What are the most pressing issues you face in the food & beverage manufacturing process?


Bet we've got a few ideas of how temperature measurement can help!


- Chuck

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