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7.1 degrees, the sweet spot.

Posted on March 25, 2009

In this spring season the Maple trees provide us with a great example of the importance of temperature through the process of producing Maple syrup. 


From Ohio State University, the North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual, bulletin # 856 explains the relationship between the sugar concentration and the boiling point of Maple syrup.  The target concentration is 66% which happens to boil at exactly 7.1F above the boiling point of pure water (at the altitude where the process is taking place.)  I didn't realize the precision involved with boiling sap into syrup.


Thanks to Bill B. at Burns for discovering this sweet example of how temperature plays a role in product quality, even if the process is taking place in your back yard.  For more info on Maple Syrup, visit this Wikipedia page.


As you know, It's all about the temperature!



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BE blog? Temp Talk Twitter?

Posted on March 14, 2009

cynthia.jpgWhy does Burns Engineering have a BLOG?  What is Burns doing on Twitter?  As Temperature measurement experts, why spend time in the realm of WEB 2.0 / Social Media?    Here's why!!!!  Click to this interview with Jim Burns and he'll explain everything.  SmallcompanyBigimage  See Part 1 & 2 listed in the left sidebar.


Thanks Cynthia Trevino...



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BE in the know-during Interphex09

Posted on March 12, 2009

Interphex 09 in New York is going to be momentous!  OK, maybe that's a bit strong!  But we are excited, curious, and ready to listen to what we can do to help you achieve confident and cost effective,  control  and temperature measurements.  See what going on in the BE booth (#3205).




If you can't be there, or even if you are, let us be your information stream.  Watch this Blog and follow us on Twitter

beblog.jpg twitter_logo.png

We'll keep a stream of info, fun facts, observations and other happenings of interest, available while the Burns team is floating around the Javits Convention Center.


What would you like to know about activities at Interphex?  Comment here and we'll be your connection to the show.


At the show from Burns:  Judy, Jeff, Bill, Patrick & Chuck.  Stop by, register to win an iPod, talk a little temperature with us and grab a few insights from Bill.

bill-education-corner.JPG interphex-solution-banner.JPG

Temperature is our language.  Let's chat about the language of accuracy, and since we love a good challenge, let's talk the language of solutions.


We have customized, modified, configured and designed RTD's for 1000's of interesting applications.  We'll put our experience to work on your Temperature Measurement challenge.  Because - At Burns, Customization is the new Standard!


See you in NY or online...



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Interphex 2009 preparations….

Posted on March 5, 2009

The activity level around Burns Engineering as we prepare for Interphex in New York is buzzing. interphex09.jpg The story we are excited to share is not about Sanitary RTDs,  electro-polished surfaces, or tri-clamp flanges.  It's more about clean-ability, responsiveness and accuracy.  The real conversation is about temperature measurements that achieve confidence and compliance with an improved understanding of the interaction of the sensor and the process.


That's the stuff that brings calm to the crazy and helps you get in your zone.


The mantra is:  Temperature measurement in a context that the users understand and care about.  Help the process owners be heroes of their process.interphex_home1.jpg


Visit the Burns Interphex page and catch a glimpse of what's happening in booth #3205.  We'd love to chat about making you a hero!


At Burns, Temperature is our Language!


See you at Interphex!


The Burns Team.

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