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Air Temperature & only the Air Temperature

Posted on August 28, 2008

The Engineering team at Burns has for many years enjoyed the air temperature measurement challenges in clean rooms, HVAC, storage areas, transportation, compressor rooms, production areas, environmental chambers, critical office areas..... 


In some instances it's all about durability and accuracy.


In other cases the challenge is measuring the temperature of the  AIR and not the WALL or some other influence within the wall.



Burns brings to these applications;  a myriad of design styles and adaptations, the wisdom that can be found in the series of technical papers on PRT Sources of Error and a passion for creative problem solving.


Share with us your Air temperature measurement challenge and we'll get the team engaged in making you a hero!  Call us at 952-935-4400, email us at or comment here on the BEblog.


We are ready to discover, design and create something to insure your success.  That's just the stuff we like to do....



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NCSLI; Burns offers Minnesota nICE

Posted on August 22, 2008

NCSLI in Florida was the place to be in early August.










John Zwak presented a paper on Using an Ice bath to approximate the Triple Point of Water (TPW)









John and Bill Bergquist also participated in the EXPO.  We had a little fun with the ICE theme..  It's all about the ICE, ice bath, TPW, Minnesota ice fishing and the interesting combination of all three....











At Burns we believe in bring to your PRT and Temperature Calibration needs a practical and valuable perspective that will have a positive Impact on your Business....  If you missed us, send us a note at:, comment on the BEblog, give us a call or stop by visit us in Minnesota.  Remember if you wait until January, that ice theme comes back in full force.


See you next year at NCSLI 2009 in San Antonio.  Metrology’s Impact on Global Trade


Practical temperature measurement insights is Burns' contribution to Metrology's Impact on Global Trade...


Join us...



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