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The Burns SWE, Sanitary Elbow Thermowell, is deisgned to provide a cleanable, drainable and highly effective measurement access point.  The design and construction of the sensor used with the SWE can impact the accuracy of the measurement.  This technical paper present the impact of different sensor designs on the measurement performance.  

Technical Paper


The Burns Engineering Mission is to "Ensure Temperature Measurement Confidance".  



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Flush Vs. Immersion

Posted on April 17, 2018

Flush mounted sensors are necessary when the process contains moving parts such as a stir device.  Various challenges need to be addressed to ensure a confident  measurement that truly represents the process of interest. This Applicaton Note provides insight on how to address these challenges.  If you have further questions contact the Burns Application Engineering Team at:  info(at)​

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ISO-9001: 2015

Posted on January 3, 2018

The Burns Mission, Vision and Values along with our 'Why', is our secret sauce that drives our commitment to our customers.  In 2015 we committed to documenting and enhancing the way we operate by pursing ISO-9001 Registration.  A short 3 years later we have updated our operating philosophy to greater context and content, maintaining our commitment to excellence and achieving certification to the ISO-9001: 2015 version of the standard.  I am proud of the entire Burns team and their continued dedication to temperature expertise, amazing customer service and providing confidence in the customers processes.


Our ISO-9001 Certificate



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ATEX, IECEx and More

Posted on December 27, 2017

All Burns Approval certificates are listed on the Certificates & Declarations page., including our ISO-9001, QAR and QAN certificates.


For components available with Burns Temperature Assemblies, the component certificates are available on the Component Certificates page.


Approvals now available include:  ATEX, IECEx, Flameproof in the US and Canada, as well as Class I, Division 1 in the USA.

CE marked for ATEX 

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Hazardous Location Approval Expansion

Posted on September 29, 2017

Hazardous work environments require instruments that are

designed to ensure safe use. 


Burns has been working with FM Approvals® to expand it's current Hazardous Location approved products to serve other areas of the world.  Soon offering ATEX, IECEx, Flameproof in USA and Canada, in addition to  the USA Class I / Division 1 Explosion Proof capability establsihed nearly 20 years ago.


Watch for more updates and links to the approval Certificates.

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CDC Storage Temp Change

Posted on July 20, 2016

Shared by Madge tech, the CDC has changed the storage temperature for vaccines. The lower end of the range was increased from 35°F to 36°F, and prefers that the indication be displayed in °F.  The Madge tech article shares:  "The.CDC does stress, however, that all digital data loggers (DDLs) used for vaccine temperature monitoring should have their Fahrenheit temperature range and alarms reprogrammed to reflect the shift."  

That sounds like an important point.

 CDC Tool Kit

Here is the entire CDC Tool Kit Document - it's actually fascinating..


It may not seem that 1°F change will matter, but if the CDC is concerned enough to make a 1°F change in the recommendation, it would seem prudent that the sensor supports this level of system performance.  Burns Engineering agrees that the data loggers and readout devices be programmed appropriately as well as calibrated periodically.


The data confidence is only as good as the measurement provided.  The Engineers at Burns strongly recommends that the sensors in the system be verified periodically to ensure consistent performance and confidence in the recorded data.  Here is a Technical Paper regarding RTD Periodic Verification and a second paper with a few insights on Installation to Reduce Errors.  


If the CDC is concerned about 1°F, your confidence needs to be based on 0.25°F.  This is achievable with wise sensor selection, installation techniques, and verification methods.



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Field Adaptable Sensors

Posted on June 1, 2016

The E03 for use in a thermowell with threaded, position-able, fitting Our recent communciation about: 

The Most Field Adaptable Sensors on the Market.

 Veiw the document


Curious about the Series E - Field Adjustable RTDs and Thermocouples?  Call or drop us a note - we'd love to hear from you.  [ info(at) ]


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Internet of Things - IoT

Posted on April 5, 2016

Internet - Connected to Life

IoT, IIoT, etc.; a fascinating revolution in the world of industrial data accessibility and knowledge. 


An explosion of 'bandwagon riders' are integrating nearly every device, system and communication method with nearly every byte of available information. 

Knowledge - immediate knowledge - is power and confidence.  Or is it?? 


Certainly this IoT tidal-wave will enable access to more information than ever before so assessments, analysis and decisions can be implemented immediately with the results delivered to your smart phone for instant feedback.  This is truly amazing! 


Lots of Data

You may have heard the same phrase that I recall from my days of old when card stacks were used to program computers, (yep, that was a long time ago)

"Garbage in - Garbage out"

The Burns mantra related to this transformational trend, IoT, is "Confidence in - Confidence out".  The team at Burns Engineering is truly energized by the IoT juggernaut that is happening in the world.   We are humbled and ecstatic about our critical contribution to IoT.  All the data in the world, and the process industry can generate A LOT of data, is only as valuable as the level of confidence in the sources of the ‘Data’. 


It has always been core to the Burns Mission [To ensure temperature measurement confidence] as well as our Vision  [Make a difference through Temperature Measurement Expertise] to provide the most appropriate sensor and guidance on installation to achieve a measurement that truly represents the actual process being measured. (Available Technical Papers)  Burns Engineering is  ready for the IoT, IIoT, PIoT (personal), xIoT (TBD), and every other variant.  We promise to stay committed to ensuring that the temperature data provided through our sensors is data the IoT oriented process engineers can take confident action on and trust the results.


Here are a couple of articles recently in the swirl that provide an interesting look at the IoT phenomenon.

Post by Control Global | Post by Accredent |Posted by SensorsMag (security) | IoT World Event


Jump on and enjoy the confidence and the swirl.

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OEM Relationships

Posted on January 5, 2016

The products we provide, whatever the application, must provide a measurement that truly represents the process, be durable and stable, and ensure confidence in the process / product quality.

Our OEM Relationships also expect us to be an effective part of their supply chain, perform even better than they do, be flexible and agile, and focus on continuous improvement that helps them be successful.  We are committed to our role as an extension of their business, providing a Quarterly Report Card showing how we are doing and how we are working to always do better.


We love and appreciate all our customers - working hard for their success. Here is a sample of Burns - Supplier ScoreCard.Our Performance - Your success



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Custom Sensor Solution

Posted on November 11, 2015

For over 55 years the Engineers at Burns have found effective solutions to temperatrue measurement needs when a standard part just isn't the right answer.  This is the fun part of being Temperature Measurement Experts.  Leveraging 1000's of designs and processes, there is nearly always a creative and cost effective answer to even the most challenging measurement applications.

Non-Standard and effective


Available in our Industrial Sensor section - a couple Custom Industrial RTDs:



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