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What will your Sanitary Solution BE?

Burns Sanitary RTD and thermocouple designs offer flexibility for various installations, standard and precision accuracy, and decades of experience across the sanitary industries.  All Burns Sanitary products are designed with the criteria needs to the industry in mind;  ASME-BPE, 3-A; 74, SIP, CIP, and electro-polished cleanability.

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New!  Miniature loop powered transmitter and integral connection head
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Model T16 transmitter is a miniature aluminum connection head and transmitter assembly.  The T16 is ideal for applications where additional signal enhancement is required and space is limited such as in process skids and small reactor vessels.

Series S Sanitary Sensors
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Series S - Sanitary RTD and Thermocouple sensors are highly accurate and reliable temperature sensors. Perfect for applications in pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food and beverage markets.

Series S N.E.T. Solutions
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Originally custom-designed to meet the stringent needs in the biotechnology industry, Burns Engineering's unique No Exposed Thread (N.E.T.™) Series of Sanitary RTD sensors reduce the time and complexity associated with cleaning the assembly.

Series A Miniature RTDs
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Meeting the demands for “fit-anywhere”, wide temperature capability, and industry leading accuracy, the Series A Miniature RTDs ensure confidence in hard to reach and important measurement applications.

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At Burns Engineering you'll find standardized wells of threaded, flanged and socket weld types, as well as custom thermowells. Explore them here.  Also view the NEWLY released Thermowell Catalog!

Non-Intrusive RTDs
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The SNI Series is the ultimate in Sanitary RTDs and is ideally suited for use in small diameter piping where temperature measurement is critical, but direct immersion sensor installation is not preferred.

Autoclave RTDs
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Designed for the dynamic and challenging autoclave processing environment, the Burns family of Autoclave RTDs and thermocouples are build to be accurate over a wide range of durability; from the classic SAC to the extremely rugged SAX.

Cryogenic RTDs
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Temperature measurement critical in a sub-zero environment? Burns Cryogenic RTD Freezer Probes are sealed temperature assemblies for use in cryogenic freezers and other applications.

Bioreactor Probe
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A high quality Platinum Resistance Thermometer used for monitoring and/or controlling the temperature of the contents of a disposable bioreactor bag.

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