Sanitary Thermowells

Burns Engineering meets the temperature measurement needs of our customers with existing, configured, modified and custom products. We'd be happy to discuss your unique challenge today.

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SWT Thermowells

Standard Sanitary Thermowell

SWT Thermowells Image

SWE™ Thermowells

Sanitary Elbow Thermowell, Straight or Reduced. Sizes: 0.5" tube to 4.0" tube

SWE™ Thermowells Image

Ingold® Thermowells

Thermowells with Ingold® Style Process Connections, Straight or Angled

Ingold® Thermowells Image

Sanitary Thermowells

Thermowells for Various Sanitary Applications, Various Styles

Sanitary Thermowells Image

Dampening Thermowells

Thermowells for Dampening Process Dynamics

Dampening Thermowells Image