Cryogenic/Freezer Sensors

These sensors are specifically designed for cold environments (down to -196°C). Common applications include cold and ultra-cold storage, refrigerators, freezers, and cryogenic/liquid nitrogen applications.  They are completely waterproof, can be fully immersed and variations include mini sensors and a secondary standard probe for laboratory/calibration applications.  

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Mini RTD 3/16" diameter

A02 Image


Mini RTD 1/4" diameter

A03 Image

23436 Secondary STD.

The 23436 Secondary Standard temperature sensor is designed for low temperature use in laboratory and calibration applications. The sensor utilizes a platinum wire RTD.

23436 Secondary STD. Image

23435 Sensor

This sensor is designed for low temperature environments (down to -196C) such as refrigerators, freezers and cold storage. The sensor features a rugged design for industrial applications, can be fully immersed and is completely waterproof.

23435 Sensor Image