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Temperature Transmitters and Accessories

Temperature transmitters and accessories catalog. This catalog includes both wired and wireless temperature transmitters, wireless gateways, antennas, cables, and accessories. 


Quick Reference Guide to Burns Offerings

This Quick Reference Guide provides an overview of the wide range of products and services from Burns.  


Quick Connect, M12 Connector based RTDs

RTDs with M12 connectors

Quick Connect Sensors - Built with M12 connectors for trouble-free connectivity.

Models available:  

>  Sanitary Styles -  S01, S03, S20, S40, SFM, SNI, SNS

>  Industrial Styles - 200/300A, 200/300G, 200/300L

>  M12 In-Line Transmitter, Programmer and Cord Sets


Series A Miniature Sensors

Miniature RTDs - Small sensors - from 0.080" to 0.250" diameter.  These sensors support a multitude of installation options in Standard (+/-0.1%) or Precision (+/- 0.05%) interchangeability.  Available in single or dual, with stainless steel sheaths, or the unique design of the A04; 0.080 dia. with FEP sheath.



Series B Surface Sensors

Surface Sensors - When an immersion sensor is not feasible or when additional monitoring measurements are needed, surface sensors are an effective solution.  The Series B surface sensors, available as RTDs or thermocouples, offer a variety of configurations to meet nearly any installation scenario.


Series D Air Temperature Sensors

Air Temperature RTDs provide averaging or point measurements for HVAC systems and controlled room environments. Available with connection heads, transmitters or cables; with various installation options.


Series E Field Adjustable Sensors

Field Adjustable RTD Sensors provide the ultimate in adaptability.  Designed to fit nearly any standard sensor application and provide emergency replacement with field customization to get you back up and running.  Three models with various mounting styles, all models offer Standard or Precision accuracy, 3 and 4 wire lead configurations and fix-it-now flexibility.


Series 100 Catalog

Series 100 Catalog Updated 4/21/2021


Series 200/300 RTDs

Industrial Platinum Temperature Sensors, RTDs:

The Series 200 and Series 300 are designed to meet real world conditions over a broad range of applications for extended periods of time. The unique design and construction features improve the durability of these temperature sensors without affecting accuracy.

  A & B Style  |  C & K Style  |   L Style  |  D,G,P Style  

  Options | Specifications Especificaciones



Series S, Sanitary Sensors

Sanitary Sensors and Accessories - Sanitary RTD's, Thermocouples, Thermowells, N.E.T. Solutions (No Exposed Threads),  Non-Intrusive Sensors, Flush Mount Sensors and various Sanitary Accessories.



SNx Series, Sanitary Non-Intrusive Sensors

Sanitary, Non-Intrusive RTD and Thermocouple Sensors - The SNx Series is ideally suited for use in small diameter piping where direct immersion temperature probes cannot be used but where temperature measurement is critical. 

Now expanded to include the SNS, a shorter version of the SNI, and the SNR with a removable sensor to support periodic calibration.

Non-Intrusive | Short Length Style |

| Removable Sensor Style | Removable Sensors

SNx Series-PDF

Autoclave Sensors

Autoclave Sensors - Burns Engineering new family of autoclave sensors meet the full range of Autoclave process demands. These designs eliminate all of the problems associated with autoclave use.  Large walk-in systems demand durability to withstand the handling and flexibility to reach where the measurement is most important. These RTDs come with the durability, accuracy and stability you expect from Burns. 


SAC;  Classic Autoclave RTD - precision and lightweight package

SAL;  Load Sensor - compact design for vials and sample cells

SAH; Heavy Duty - Shock resistance with integrated protective jacket

SAX; Extreme Duty - Armor jacketed with ruggedized replaceable sensor



Laboratory Sensors & Accredited Caibration

Temperature Metrology Products & Services - Our complete line of Secondary Standard Thermometers coupled with our NVLAP accredited (lab code 200706-0) calibration laboratory ensure accurate, repeatable and consistent temperature measurement in the lab and in the field. 

Model 12005 SSPRT  (replaces the 12001)



Thermowells - For RTDs and Thermocouples.  Industrial and Sanitary applications.  Threaded, flanged and socket weld, as well as custom thermowells.



Connection Heads

Connection Head Supplement:

This catalog supplement describes the various connection heads available to assemble to nearly all Burns RTD and Thermocouple styles.  Connection heads are available in stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and polypropylene; for use in multiple processing environments, and several incorporating digital temperature indictors.



Series S Datasheet

Series S Sanitary Sensors - The Series S Sanitary product family of temperature sensors features the N.E.T. Solution™. The Series S catalog includes an extensive offering of standard sanitary sensors for both direct and thermowell immersion, as well as an in-line, non-intrusive version for small diameter lines.

Series S Datasheet


Cryogenic Sensor Datasheet

Cryogenic Temperature Calibration Standard (20948) - Calibration Standards are used to verify operation of cryogenic freezers to insure proper temperature and avoid damage of high-value products. Burns Cryogenic Temperature Calibration Standards are sealed temperature assemblies for use in cryogenic freezers and other applications where temperature measurement is critical in a sub-zero environment.

Cryogenic Datasheet

(469 KB)

BioReactor Sensor Datasheet

BioReactor Sensors (21140) - Used for control and monitoring the temperature of the contents of disposable bioreactor bags. Our sensors can be modified to fit the unique requirements of your disposable bioreactor bags.

BioReactor Datasheet

(754 KB)

Air Temperature Datasheet

Air Temperature Sensors - Accurately monitoring and controlling ambient air temperature is important for maintaining product quality and minimizing energy costs. A multitude of air temp configurations are available including wall mounted and duct mounted versions.

Air Temperature Datasheet


Bearing Sensor Datasheet

Bearing Temperature Sensors - For use in rotating equipment where bearing temperature monitoring is critical to reliability and longevity. Bearing temperature is a key indicator of bearing health. Monitoring the temperature can prompt routine maintenance procedures such as greasing or predicting when rebuilds are necessary.

Bearing Sensor Datasheet


Small Diameter Sensors

Burns Engineering® offers a wide variety of customized temperature sensors designed with small diameter sheaths (0.080” to 0.188”) and temperature ranges from -196°C to 500°C (-320°F to 932°F). This guide highlights a few of our more common small diameter designs to illustrate what is possible. If you don’t see a solution that meets your specific needs contact us and we’ll work with you to design one that does.


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