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Featured Product, Temperature Indicator

Posted on April 1, 2013

There are times when a local indication of temperature would be really convenient.  The Burns 19A and 20P LED Indicators provide exactly what you need.  20p.jpg


The 20P, combined with a T51 transmitter and Burns Series 200 sensor will provide a confident measurement visible through the LED, 4 digit display nearly anywhere in your process.19a-no-background.jpg


For harsh or hazardous environments the 19A, aluminum connection head and T51 or T55 transmitter is explosion proof (FM approved, Class I, Div.1, Group A, B, C, D: Class II, Div 1, Group E, F, G).


The loop powered LED indicator offers a simple menu for setup via buttons on the device.  For more information about the LED indicator (or LCD battery powered options), refer to page 7 of the Burns Connection Head supplement.

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Featured Product - Autoclave Sensors

Posted on February 28, 2013

autoclave-group-small.JPGDesigned specifically for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, Burns Engineering Autoclave RTDs are for use in steam autoclaves where water is present in the environment.  Additionally, the sensing element is fully supported for maximum durability and long-term stability.  View the Burns Autoclave Catalog.


  • Completely sealed, waterproof and pressure proof, ensures that moisture cannot enter the sensor or migrate from the autoclave chamber.
  • 1/8" sharpened tip configuration available - easily pierces rubber stoppers on load cells.
  • Optional ruggedized cabling to withstand wear and tear of daily use.


Classic Autoclave - SAC:           Load monitoring - SAL:




Heavy Duty - SAH:                   X-treme Duty - SAX:



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Engineers Week - Celebrate Awesome!

Posted on February 20, 2013

eweek-2013.pngIt's Engineers Week!  How are you recognizing the Engineers in your life?

Visit the Official eWeek site  - View National eWeek presentation

The Engineers at Burns are serving Temperature Measurements across the globe in processes from BioPharma to Cocoa bean roasting.  It is the reason we focus on the measurement, and design, create and discover new and effective measurement products.  We know that when we participate in these processes, the success our customers realize comes back to us as safe food for our families, effective medications, safe tires, luscious chocolate, and affordable energy for our homes.  It's just that important. 


Personally - Burns provides sensors and measurement insights to the company that produces the drug for Multiple Sclerosis, and since I have a family member with MS it is crittcal that we do a very good job helping this company do their best - it's personal!


Recognize the Engineers in your life for their contribution to your health, comfort and simple pleasures. 


Happy Engineers Week!  If you are an Engineer reading this - Thank You for all you do for me and all the people in your life!

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Featured Product - Flush Mounted Sensor

Posted on February 4, 2013

Designed for use in tanks that incorporate scrappers or mixing blades, the Flush Mount Temperature Sensor, (SFM-Sanitary Flush Mount) is an effective solution when immersion sensor are prohibited.  SFM Catalog page.126941.jpg


Installation involves cutting a 2" diameter hole in the tank, usually on the bottom and then welding the threaded adaptor over the opening.  The adaptor and backing nut holds the sensor in place, sealed with a PTFE gasket.   sfm-installation_page_3.jpg


Flush mounted sensors can incorporate a standard connection head or with loop or battery powered transmitter / indicator.



  • Time Constant:  4 seconds
  • Pressure Rating:  34 psi with PTFE gasket
  • Theoretical Max. Pressure for housing:  200 psi
  • Construction:  316L
  • Single or Dual element with 0.05% or 0.10% interchangeability
  • Product Contact Surface Finish:  32Ra or better
  • 3A-74 Listed


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NEW! Series B-Surface Sensors

Posted on January 24, 2013

If you ever wish you could measure the temperature at a specific location but there's no way to insert an immersion sensor?  Here is the solution!2012_11_16_1126-copy.jpg


The Series B family of Surface Sensors, available as RTDs or Thermocouples, can attach to the exterior of a pipe or chamber and provide a measurement when an inserted sensor is not feasible or unacceptable.  Multiple attachment approaches and easy installation enables a quick, permanent or temporary measurement, that is much less intrusive.




The Burns Application Engineers always look for solutions that will provide temperature measurement confidence for your process, yet we realize the you need options and creative choices in certain situations.   Flexible, confident and effective answers to your needs - is our intention.


Questions about surface measurement or any temperature challenge?  Contact Burns at: info(at)  We'd love to discuss your temperature measurements.

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Featured Product; T51 & T55 Transmitters

Posted on January 7, 2013

t51_and_t55-a.JPGLoop powered DIN B Form RTD and thermocouple temperature transmitters for head mounting. Model T51 and T55 transmitters carry FM, CE, and CSA approvals allowing installation and use in a variety of applications.tp05-calibration-programming-interface.JPG Models T51 and T55 are easily programmed with a PC using the TP05 Interface and communication software. The T55 may also be programmed with your handheld HART® communicator and both models feature class-leading ±0.05% of span accuracy.  Check the Specs!

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Happiest of Holidays!

Posted on December 7, 2012

postcard_splash.jpgChoosing the right temperature sensor may be confusing (we can help with that), but enjoying the Holiday Season is simple.


The best of the Holidays to you, your family and friends.


2012-new-recipe-icon.JPGLooking for new recipes to serve?  Save this link to your desk top and forward to friends and relatives.


If your a last minute shopper - an easy access and yummy Cookbook makes a great gift.

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Featured Product - Miniature RTDs

Posted on December 3, 2012

Series A - Miniature RTD


The Series A sensors deliver a small profile sensor while exceeding Class A interchangeability tolerances.  When space is limited and accuracy with high repeatability is a must, Series A is the answer.  The small diameter and short length enables the sensor to maneuver into the tightest spaces to secure your critical temperature measurements.Series A on the Burns Web Site


With unlimited installation possibilities, the Series A gives you maximum flexibility in a compact design.

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single-point.jpgWe have observed, where temperature is being measured in bulk material or large volume air or liquid, a single point sensor isn't effective in representing the thermal characteristics of the entire area of interest.  Installing several discrete sensors can be cumbersome requiring multiple installation points.




Averaging sensors and Multi-point sensors can serve these applications extremely well.  We have developed a Compendium of Averaging and Multi-Point Sensors and their Applications to provide some insight into these unique measurement situations.

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Featured Product - Bearing Sensors

Posted on November 16, 2012

Temperature is a key indicator of bearing health.  For rotating equipment, reliability and predictive maintenance is an imperative to "Up-time".  This family of Bearing Sensors, available in a variety of configurations or customized to meet your specific application, will provide the confidence required for your processes.bearing-temp.JPG


Designs include single or dual RTD, thermocouple, 1/8" to 1/4" diameter, straight or bent, and a variety of process fittings.


For more information on this family of sensors - Fact Sheet.




Send a note to INFO(at)

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