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A Man and an RTD with a Mission.

Posted on November 21, 2007

Serial #16 Serial # 16 was destined for a higher purpose. Measuring temperature was its original calling, yet when Dad (Don Burns) retired 10 years ago and transitioned the company to my brother JD and I, we honored Dad's legacy and serial #16 received a promotion. This RTD, manufactured in August of 1962 became a symbol of longevity, creativity and honor. Appropriately mounted and framed, we presented this original device to Dad in recognition of his retirement as well as his technical brilliance and passion for creative problem solving.


Many more serial numbers have followed in the cure cycles and calibration schedules of serial #16, all of which were destined for their own greatness and purpose in various industrial processes and pharmaceutical applications. Number 16 may never experience the energizing environment of a refinery or participate in the creation of a life-saving drug, yet #16 holds an honorable place in the hearts of all who have a passion for solving temperature measurement challenges.


I often bump into friends of dad’s from the early days of #16. It's always fun to hear their stories and see the passion in their eyes. (Share yours on the BEblog if you have one!)


Congratulations Dad and Thank You serial number 16.


- Jim Burns

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ASME-BPE: A Commitment to Life.

Posted on November 21, 2007

ASME-BPE.....  What an amazing group of passionate folks working together through a series of sub committees and task groups to improve the world of BioProcess Equipment. I visited several of the working committees during October in Philly. I was impressed how diligent the groups were about being precise as well as how attentive everyone was to current practices in the industry. As much as the Subcommittees strive to give guidance, they also realize they serve the industry, and they live in the industry. I observed a careful balance of definition and openness; guide but don't handcuff; lead but don't leave behind. The collaboration was beautiful.


It appears this group really wants to influence life in the future. The article from Mechanical Engineering, December 2005, Getting a New Life gives an interesting perspective on that commitment, on an international scale.


They are working hard to complete the 2007 version of the BPE Standard, targetting an early 2008 release.


How have you seen the  ASME-BPE organization help your organization?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.


- Chuck

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