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How are we doing?

Posted on February 13, 2020

The team at Burns is truly committed to improving everything we do and serving our customers better and better. 

Three Key performace measures:

  • On time delivery to our acknowledged ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - a challenge but worth working to improve)

  • On time delivery to our customers requested ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - we are improving and still committed)

  • Field returns as a percent of the number of products shipped:

        (Our Goal is 0% - worth every moment of investigation)


We are not perfect, but we are committed to doing what it takes to improve our performance.



OTD to Acknowledged Date:   97.4%  (up a bit from 96.4% in Dec)

OTD to Requested Date:         89.4%  (down a bit from 90.8% in Dec)

% Field Returns:                      0.43%  (up just slightly from 0.28% in Dec)

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How are we doing?

Posted on January 2, 2020

The team at Burns is truly committed to improving everything we do and serving our customers better and better. 

Three Key performace measures:

  • On time delivery to our acknowledged ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - a challenge but worth working to improve)

  • On time delivery to our customers requested ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - we are improving and still committed)

  • Field returns as a percent of the number of products shipped:

        (Our Goal is 0% - worth every moment of investigation)


We are not perfect, but we are committed to doing what it takes to improve our performance.



OTD to Acknowledged Date:   94.2%  (up from 90.0% in Oct)

OTD to Requested Date:         87.8%  (up a bit from 84.0% in Oct)

% Field Returns:                      0.19%  (down from 0.60% in Oct)



OTD to Acknowledged Date:   96.4%  (up a bit from 94.2% in Nov)

OTD to Requested Date:         90.8%  (up a bit from 87.8% in Nov)

% Field Returns:                      0.28%  (up just slightly from 0.19% in Nov)


Looks like a trend starting.  

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RTDology Schedule of Sessions

Posted on November 18, 2019

The Schedule is Set!

FREE Educational sessions that answer critical questions about achieving the measurement that your business demands and your customers require.  


Burns has been ensuring Temperature Measurement Confidence since 1960. 

We believe that the temperature measurement is the #1 priority. 


Our promise is to listen and guide you to the installation approach, protection concept and instrument design that meets your most critical process requirements.


Visit the RTDology® page for registration links for the upcoming sessions.

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How are we doing?

Posted on November 15, 2019

The team at Burns is truly committed to improving everything we do and serving our customers better and better. 

Three Key performace measures:

  • On time delivery to our acknowledged ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - a challenge but worth working to improve)

  • On time delivery to our customers requested ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - we are improving and still committed)

  • Field returns as a percent of the number of products shipped:

        (Our Goal is 0% - worth every moment of investigation)


We are not perfect, but we are committed to doing what it takes to improve our performance.



OTD to Acknowledged Date:   94.0%  (down a bit from 95.8% in Aug)

OTD to Requested Date:         88.6%  (up a bit from 82.7% in Aug)

% Field Returns:                      0.20%  (down from 1.90% in Aug)



OTD to Acknowledged Date:   90.0%  (down a bit from 94.0% in Sept)

OTD to Requested Date:         84.0%  (down a bit from 88.6% in Sept)

% Field Returns:                      0.60%  (up from 0.20% in Sept)


A tough Oct.  The newly structured Teams are specifically focused on improving On Time Delivery and reduction in field returns.

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How are we doing?

Posted on September 19, 2019

The team at Burns is truly committed to improving everything we do and serving our customers better and better. 

Three Key performace measures:

  • On time delivery to our acknowledged ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - a challenge but worth working to improve)

  • On time delivery to our customers requested ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - we are improving and still committed)

  • Field returns as a percent of the number of products shipped:

        (Our Goal is 0% - worth every moment of investigation)


We are not perfect, but we are committed to doing what it takes to improve our performance.



OTD to Acknowledged Date:   95.8%  (up a bit from 94.9% in July)  :)

OTD to Requested Date:         82.7%  (up a bit from 81.2% in July)  :)

% Field Returns:                      1.90%  (up from 0.20% in July)  :( 

          Generally minor reasons for return, most fixed and returned to the customer. 

          1 Corrective Action issued internally.


Room for improvement. The team is on it.

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How are we doing?

Posted on August 14, 2019

The team at Burns is truly committed to improving everything we do and serving our customers better and better. 

Three Key performace measures:

  • On time delivery to our acknowledged ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - a challenge but worth working to improve)

  • On time delivery to our customers requested ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - we are improving and still committed)

  • Field returns as a percent of the number of products shipped:

        (Our Goal is 0% - worth every moment of investigation)


We are not perfect, but we are committed to doing what it takes to improve our performance.



OTD to Acknowledged Date:   94.9%  (down a bit from 96.4% in June)

OTD to Requested Date:         81.2%  (down from 85.1% in June)

% Field Returns:                      0.20%  (down from 0.40% in June)

  Not too bad, but room for improvement.


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How are we doing?

Posted on August 14, 2019

The team at Burns is truly committed to improving everything we do and serving our customers better and better. 

Three Key performace measures:

  • On time delivery to our acknowledged ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - a challenge but worth working to improve)

  • On time delivery to our customers requested ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - we are improving and still committed)

  • Field returns as a percent of the number of products shipped:

        (Our Goal is 0% - worth every moment of investigation)


We are not perfect, but we are committed to doing what it takes to improve our performance.



OTD to Acknowledged Date:   96.4%  (up from 91.4% in May)

OTD to Requested Date:         85.1%  (up from 80.7% in May)

% Field Returns:                      0.40%  (down from 0.63% in May)

  A bit better in June.  The teams are continuing to implement improvements.



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How are we doing?

Posted on June 11, 2019

The team at Burns is truly committed to improving everything we do and serving our customers better and better. 

Three Key performace measures:

  • On time delivery to our acknowledged ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - a challenge but worth working to improve)

  • On time delivery to our customers requested ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - we are improving and still committed)

  • Field returns as a percent of the number of products shipped:

        (Our Goal is 0% - worth every moment of investigation)


We are not perfect, but we are committed to doing what it takes to improve our performance.



OTD to Acknowledged Date:   91.4%  (down from 96.8% in April)

OTD to Requested Date:         80.7%  (down from 86.9% in April)

% Field Returns:                      0.63%  (up from 0.37% in April)

     Very busy month and struggled with a few supply side issues.  The team is working it!


June results will be posted in early July.

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How are we doing?

Posted on May 8, 2019

The team at Burns is truly committed to improving everything we do and serving our customers better and better. 

Three Key performace measures:

  • On time delivery to our acknowledged ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - a challenge but worth working to improve)

  • On time delivery to our customers requested ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - we are improving and still committed)

  • Field returns as a percent of the number of products shipped:

        (Our Goal is 0% - worth every moment of investigation)


We are not perfect, but we are committed to doing what it takes to improve our performance.



OTD to Acknowledged Date:  96.8%  (up from 95.9% in March)

OTD to Requested Date:        86.8%  (up from 80.9% in March)

% Field Returns:                     0.37%  (down from 1.3% in March)


May results will be posted in early June.

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How are we doing?

Posted on April 24, 2019

The team at Burns is truly committed to improving everything we do and serving our customers better and better.  Today we begin sharing three performace measures:

  • On time delivery to our acknowledged ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - a challenge but worth working to improve)

  • On time delivery to our customers requested ship date:

        (Our Goal is 100% - we are improving and still committed)

  • Field returns as a percent of the number of products shipped:

        (Our Goal is 0% - worth every moment of investigation)


We are not perfect, but we are committed to doing what it takes to improve our performance.



OTD to Acknowledged Date:  95.9%

OTD to Requested Date:        80.9%

% Field Returns:                       1.3%


April results will be posted in a couple weeks.


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ISO-9001: 2015

Posted on January 3, 2018

The Burns Mission, Vision and Values along with our 'Why', is our secret sauce that drives our commitment to our customers.  In 2015 we committed to documenting and enhancing the way we operate by pursing ISO-9001 Registration.  A short 3 years later we have updated our operating philosophy to greater context and content, maintaining our commitment to excellence and achieving certification to the ISO-9001: 2015 version of the standard.  I am proud of the entire Burns team and their continued dedication to temperature expertise, amazing customer service and providing confidence in the customers processes.


Our ISO-9001 Certificate



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ATEX, IECEx and More

Posted on December 27, 2017

All Burns Approval certificates are listed on the Certificates & Declarations page., including our ISO-9001, QAR and QAN certificates.


For components available with Burns Temperature Assemblies, the component certificates are available on the Component Certificates page.


Approvals now available include:  ATEX, IECEx, Flameproof in the US and Canada, as well as Class I, Division 1 in the USA.

CE marked for ATEX 

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OEM Relationships

Posted on January 5, 2016

The products we provide, whatever the application, must provide a measurement that truly represents the process, be durable and stable, and ensure confidence in the process / product quality.

Our OEM Relationships also expect us to be an effective part of their supply chain, perform even better than they do, be flexible and agile, and focus on continuous improvement that helps them be successful.  We are committed to our role as an extension of their business, providing a Quarterly Report Card showing how we are doing and how we are working to always do better.


We love and appreciate all our customers - working hard for their success. Here is a sample of Burns - Supplier ScoreCard.Our Performance - Your success



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Custom Sensor Solution

Posted on November 11, 2015

For over 55 years the Engineers at Burns have found effective solutions to temperatrue measurement needs when a standard part just isn't the right answer.  This is the fun part of being Temperature Measurement Experts.  Leveraging 1000's of designs and processes, there is nearly always a creative and cost effective answer to even the most challenging measurement applications.

Non-Standard and effective


Available in our Industrial Sensor section - a couple Custom Industrial RTDs:



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ISO-9001 Registered!

Posted on January 20, 2015

Over this past year the team at Burns has worked hard to advance our Quality System, our procedures and practices to achieve ISO-9001 Registration.  This is not only a great addition to our ISO-17025 Accreditation, but an example of our continued commitment to our customers.

Link to Burns Engineering Certificates


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We are Curious!

Posted on December 3, 2014

?  Please respond to this 1 Question Poll.

The Engineering team Burns would really like to know what is MOST important to you?  

You will see the immediate results and in about a week the final results will be posted.

I bet you are curious as well.

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Happiest of Holidays!

Posted on December 7, 2012

postcard_splash.jpgChoosing the right temperature sensor may be confusing (we can help with that), but enjoying the Holiday Season is simple.


The best of the Holidays to you, your family and friends.


2012-new-recipe-icon.JPGLooking for new recipes to serve?  Save this link to your desk top and forward to friends and relatives.


If your a last minute shopper - an easy access and yummy Cookbook makes a great gift.

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Our Promise; Calibration-Quick & Confident

Posted on January 18, 2012

Confident Calibration from Burns


Annual calibration of your Secondary Temperature Standard (SSPRT) should NOT take 3 to 4 weeks.


At Burns, we promise to have your sensor on the way back to you within 5 business days or we will take $100 of the cost of the calibration service.  Our Promise Details


Check out Burns Lab-to-Lab™ Calibration Service, access the Sensor or System Info forms and email them to us.  We'll be in touch to get your instrument scheduled.


Calibration that is quick and accredited (NVLAP® lab code 200706-0) to ensure your measurement confidence and lab efficiency - That's Our Promise. (Our Promise details)

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NEW! Burns 2012 Cook Book

Posted on December 13, 2011



The team at Burns would like to share a few yummy recipes in the NEW 2012 Cook Book, with 48 new recipes. 2012-new-recipe-icon.JPG


Check it out and share the link with your family and friends. Burns 2012 Cookbook




A Holiday wish for great family get-to-gathers and scrumptious home made meals.desserts.jpg

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Earth Day-Every day!

Posted on April 22, 2011

Earth Day at Burns is all about conserving resources.  We recycle and re-use whenever we can, but when we can help our customers conserve that's a beautiful thing.


Here is a paper about how temperature measurement accuracy can save energy resources (and cost).  Technical Paper


Prior news post about how Burns serves the Earth...  Burns and the Earth 


Happy Earth Day.

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RTDology-Improving Existing Measurements

Posted on February 15, 2011

rtdology_mast.jpgNO Cost consultation for improving existing temperature measurements.  The session is TODAY, Wed., Feb 16 at Noon central time.


Join the session:  Register here!


Can't particapate in the session?  Send a note to: and we'll let you know when the session will be offered again.

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Uum Good! Burns’ Favorite Recipes

Posted on December 10, 2010

Burns creativity - another side of TMEIt's all about the temperature.


...400°F for 30 minutes, 350°F for 12 minutes, 375°F for 55 minutes.  These are not cure times or stabilization times, but rather the important temperature specifications for our favorite recipes...  And we'd love to share them with you.


Click this link for the Burns Favorite Recipe Book!


Do you have a favorite dish/recipe to share?  Send it to, We would love to try it AND volume #2??!!??


Enjoy! and Happy Holidays...

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Titans in Social Media -Huh?

Posted on December 6, 2010

Surprise Surprise!!!  Someone nominated me for Twin Cities Titans in Social Media 2010.tctitans-2010.JPG


Fascinating is about all I can say.  What has been truly amazing is the Twitter activity.  Search #TCTitans and see the tweet-flurry.


I will admit that Burns engagement via Twitter, Linked-In, Blogs, forums, Web offerings (RTDology) and a few other mechanisms that we have participated in has been a challenging experiment.




We are looking to engage, business to Business, with a technical world on technical concepts all focused on Temperature Measurement - an experiment we are building momentum around.  We do feel that this communication approach is a key method to shift the conversation from the sensing device to the measurement itself.  Picking a sensor from a catalog just wont meet the need any longer.


burnslogo-cmyk-tag-2.JPGThe process measurement expectations can only be achieved by selecting the right product AND understanding the installation and interface dynamics.  These solutions, understanding and results require conversation and collaboration.


Huh?  Conversation, collaboration - Social Media; what a perfect match!

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RTD Calibration; Why, How & When

Posted on November 30, 2010

Burns RTDology Page


Generally, after a temperature sensor is installed it doesn't need much of your attention.




Join the RTDology Web session on Dec 8th at 12 noon central time.  Bill Bergquist, Burns RTDologist, will share the Why, How and When insights of RTD


Start with confidence through selecting a sensor designed and configured to meet your measurement needs - then apply Bill's RTD Calibration guidance to ensure high confidence in your measurement into the future. Register now.

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PMI; Positive Material Identification

Posted on October 26, 2010

xrf-device.pngPMI, aka Positive Material Identification.


Ensuring confidence, improving material handling processes and supporting the critical material needs of our Biotech, Food & Beverage and Industrial Processing customers.


As a Trusted Supplier to the process industry across the USA and around the world, Burns Engineering continues to expand its capability and service.


What is your experience with PMI?  Leave a comment.

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RTDology; RTD v Thermocouple

Posted on September 28, 2010

Back by popular demand - Burns RTDology Web session that clears up the confusion and miss-understanding about the difference between RTDs and Thermocouples. Burns Temperature Measurement Expertise Sharing Series


September 29th at Noon Central time.  1 hour max and No Cost!


Register now on the RTDology page.


Need a quick answer? Visit the Burns FAQ page, but SIGN-UP  and participate in the indepth discussion and Q&A opportunity.

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Burns & ISA

Posted on August 20, 2010

Check out our listing in the ISA Directory.  Burns Listing  Click and scroll down a bit.


Learn more about ISA - click the logo below.

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It’s all about the Temperature!

Posted on July 13, 2010

dsc01341.JPGCheck out the YouTube video of the Burns Coffee Mug.   If you watch the video and comment on this post, you will be in a drawing for 1 of 5 mugs.  Enter your email (will not be shard in your comment)  and we will contact the drawing winners.


Free cool coffee (or tea) mug, just for watching and leaving a comment - it's that easy.

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NEW Sanitary Catalog!

Posted on June 3, 2010

Check out the newly released Burns Series S, Sanitary Sensor CatalogBurns Series S RTDs & Thermocouples


Added info!  More guidance!  New look!  New feel.


High Quality Sanitary RTDs and Thermocouples!


3-A and BPE conformance!


Custom answers to your most challenging measurements!

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Burns Web Site and BEnews

Posted on May 3, 2010

burns-logo.JPGWelcome to BEnews!  Part of the newly updated Burns Web Site.  Click around.  Lots of new great stuff.


New RTDology sessions.


New BEnews quick reference on the home page.


New Who We Are page (aka; About)


New Community page..  we are always looking for more people to share our temperature experience with...


New Representatives page.  Easy identification of our Authorize Rep in your area.


As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on BEnews and the Web Site.  Just click comment and share your thoughts, ideas and certainly if you found and broken links...


Thanks.  Enjoy.

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We asked our selves, "How do the sensors we provide help care for the earth?" Go Mother Nature


Save energy:  Every degree in temperature saved through better accuracy can save 437,824,800 BTUs of energy annually. (Which equates to about $8,980 in electrical usage)  See the analysis.


We monitor natural gas pipelines with an array of sensors to help identify leaks-early-to reduce gas loss and wasted energy in pumping.


We monitor cooling water discharge into rivers and lakes to ensure minimal environmental effects.  See the Application Note  Clean-clear water for the Walleyes


We are currently working on a sensor to monitor the temperature of Solar panels mounted on roof tops.


Burns sensors monitor Thermal Oxidizers at Ethanol plants to help reduce VOC emissions. See the Application Note


little green frog


We provided sensors to a foundry to control the exhaust stack fan speed based on the stack temperature - saving energy.


We have place digital indicators in locations in the field at various processing plants to provide a local indication and help maintenance workers improve control of the systems. See the Application Note


We have RTDs supporting 134A refrigerant production as a replacement for Freon 12,   Reducing Ozone depletion.Wind and Air


Wow!  Proud to know we are caring for the environment especially today; Earth Day!


How are you helping?  Leave a comment.

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National Engineers Week; (Eweek)

Posted on February 12, 2010

Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Presidents Day... eweek.jpg Finally Engineers Week, Feb. 14 to 20.  Seems fair to me.


Celebrations are taking place around the country and on Technical campuses everywhere.  ASME is offering it's members free electronic Eweek - eCards.  I've sent a few.  If you're an ASME member, share the love with your engineering friends.  Not an ASME member?  Then call your engineering friends and wish them a Happy Engineers Week.


Do something technical!  The engineers at Burns will be whooping it up, running tests, designing Sanitary RTDs, performing Accredited calibrations, sorting thru reams of data and all that fun engineering sort of stuff.


What are you doing for Engineers Week?  Comment below and share!

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ASME-BPE; Fascinating and Passionate.

Posted on February 9, 2010

In late January, the Committees developing the BPE Standard met in Puerto Rico working toward a publishing date in 2012.  That may seem like a long time, but given the publishing schedule, and the work identified to be complete, it's actually a bit scary.


The group continues to be passionate about this important guidance.  The 2012 version will be re-structured to make it more user friendly.  Moving portions of the content into other sections, for example, the information about sterility and clean-ability of instruments will move to the section on Process Instrumentation.  Similarly the info regarding clean seals will move to the Seals section.  The passion shows up when the team member, (all volunteers) that have spent years developing the entire section on sterility and clean-ability (SD, Sanitary Design) struggles to be comfortable with the relocation of this content.  They want to be sure that the same love and care is provided to this important information.  It's like sending your child off to college.  A combination of relief and anxiety.


The teams continue between gatherings to work on the development of the standard.  The next meeting is scheduled for June in Montreal.


I have the honor of leading the Task Group developing the Temperature Instrument part of the PI section (Process Instrumentation).  I appreciate the assistance of my colleagues from other Temperature Sensor manufacturers as well as the BioPharma product / process representatives.



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Always Curious - Temperature in Industry!

Posted on January 13, 2010

How deep does the interest in temperature measurement in the industry run at Burns Engineering?  So deep that Jan, Burns' Customer Service Representative, went on a tour of a Power Plant with her family.  Here is what she observed at the Coal Fired Power Plant.


I recently had a chance to tour a power plant and observe how coal is converted into energy to heat our homes, businesses etc.coal-electric-plant-2.png  To me the most interesting part of my tour was watching the coal cars being emptied.  The trains come in from Wyoming or Montana with 105 to 117 cars loaded with coal. Each car holds up to 120 tons. The cars are automatically pulled thru the plant and each car is completely turned over and emptied onto a conveyer where the coal is crushed to fine dust for burning. The long line of cars continue to move slowly thru the plant and each one is emptied one after the other.  As the coal is crushed, water is continuously sprayed over it to keep it compacted.  The plant burns coal at a rate of 30,000 tons every day; about 3 trainloads, or about 9 million tons a year. 


I was able to stand on the roof and look over the 4500 acres the plant is on.electric-plant-3.png   There is a 88 acre coal storage pile with a 40 to 45 day supply of crushed coal piled high for burning.  I saw the main control room, the boilers and the large equipment used to move piles of coal out in the yard.  There are 3 boilers, each more than 200 feet tall, that use about 3,335,000 gallons of water an hour to produce steam.  All 3 boilers combined,  burn more than 1300 tons of coal per hour.   This is quite an engineering marvel and if you ever get a chance to go thru a power plant I highly recommend.


Jan,  Burns Customer Service.

Thanks for sharing your story Jan!


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RTDology - Offers Answers!

Posted on January 7, 2010

rtdology.jpgThe next RTDology session is scheduled for January 14th.  Curious?  Visit the RTDology page.  Just want to register? Do it.  It will be worth it.


This session will be an highly interactive question and answer session with attendee participation, covering a variety of topics from common temperature measurement concerns to a few subtle but potentially very influential issues.  Join the session, share your questions, listen to the conversation and gain some insight that will make you a Temperature Measurement Expert in your organization.


Register NOW!


If you have a topic you would like Bill to cover in a future session, visit the RTDology page and near the bottom, select "VOTE"  or the "Share..." button and describe briefly how we can help.



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Create your Happy New Year!

Posted on December 29, 2009
The years, they pass, their unwavering rate
The pace of time, unchanging
Weeks and months, just moments in life
The future edges closer
Look back, you'll see, the flash of time
What was, constantly fading
The view of next, what's yet to come
So close yet out of reach Is what, what is? or what could be?
What was, ours only to recall
Can? Will? Is? Yes? A question or reality?
The Future, not set, possibilities await
let happen or make it so?
It is our choice to let, or cause
Believe and Choose to create.

The new year is an opportunity to create the future that you see yourself being a part of.


Happy New Year.  Make it a great, joyous, prosporous and exciting reality.

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Merry Christmas! Merry ALL Holidays!

Posted on December 22, 2009


The greatest gift, We wish for you,

Prosperity and Health, In the year that’s new.

As two thousand nine, Comes to a close,

We see possibilities, As opportunity grows.




In this season, Of comfort and joy,

We won’t be shy, We won’t be coy.

We’ll speak right up, And say it loud.


Whether to one, Or to a crowd.Comfort and Joy

The greatest gift, We could receive,

Are customers like you, We truly believe.

Your process confidence, For what our heart yearns,

Happy Holidays from, Your friends at Burns.

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Service minded in Customer Service

Posted on November 25, 2009

Customer Service Lead, Judy had a great idea.  She met Daryl from AlphaCitiCorp who works in a collaborative relationship between Mentor Corpsmc-logo1.gif and The Salvation Armysalvation-logo.png.


They are doing a great service for folks in difficult situations through various programs.  alphaciticorps.pdf  ............Judy engaged the Burns folks in support the "Donate Your Shoes" program. shoe-donation.pdf.  See how well we did.  Several bags and boxes.




What a wonderful feeling; Helping others in the season of Thanksgiving!


Thank you Judy for helping Burns serve others.



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Grilling temperature, An Important Process

Posted on November 23, 2009

It seems the grilling season is continuing through the end of November.  The Burns folks just can't grill without a little temperature measurement expertise.  JD Burns shares his grilling technology.  grilling-temperature.JPG


Doesn't this make you hungry?  burger.JPGSend your grilling recipes, we'd love to try them.  As far as I'm concerned, Grilling season never ends.



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TME A-Ha’s from Burns’ Controller

Posted on November 9, 2009

dsc01341.JPGAt Burns we take temperature measurement expertise seriously.  To be a TME (Temperature Measurement Expert) in my position as Controller doesn't require the technical knowledge to provide temperature solutions to our customers, but it does require me to understand what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.  The environment at Burns' has peaked my curiosity about temperature measurement and how it affects our daily lives.


To that end I spent several hours on the manufacturing floor in training and observing how we producing the products we send to our customers.  It didn't take long to realize I had wandered into the land of real TME's.  Employees on the production floor understand and want to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it.  There is a very real sense of treating each item produced as though it was the only item they would produce that day.  At every workstation the TME within the employees has enabled them to develop special techniques to work efficiently and effectively.  One of my first tasks was to attach a coil to leads.  Much of our work is done under a microscope or large magnifying glass.  Precision and dexterity are necessary to complete the task.  Working under a magnifying glass does not come natural.  It is like trying to do something while looking at it in a mirror.  It is like working on a different planet - breathing different air that makes you focus on breathing just to keep your heart beating.  But to the TME's in production it just comes natural.  My trainers showed me the little tricks.  Like position your hand this way and rest your arm on your wrist to gain stability.  To make a repetitive measurement they showed me how to measure using the scribe mark on my needle nose pliers to gain efficiency.  Every area I trained in had developed techniques to improve quality or efficiency based on the temperature expertise they have acquired.


My time spent in production left me with several "A-ha's!".  It enabled me to learn first hand how our products are produced - I welded, I soldered, I deburred, I measured, and I inspected.  But what I really learned was TME shows up in the care and concern that our employees have for every item we produce.  I can now speak based on first hand knowledge and confidence when I talk to customers or colleagues about the quality built into every item or service Burns produces and the Temperature Measurement Expertise Burns beings to the world.


Thanks for letting me



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RTDology - The next sessions

Posted on October 1, 2009

RTDology from Burns


It's Back...  RTDology™ from the Temperature Measurement Experts at Burns Engineering.  Check out what's on the schedule for the next three sessions.


Don't miss the opportunty.  Bill Bergquist (Presenter) and Jeff Wigen (Moderator) are excited to have you participate. The study of Temp measurement



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Temperature Conversations on the WEB

Posted on September 17, 2009

Conversation and creativity...  That's what it takes.  Burns has been in the business of solving temperature measurement challenges for nearly fifty years (Yep, 50!).  We believe that it is in the conversation, the discovery process and the creative application of the 1000's of design approaches that we are able to bring the right solution to the measurement need.


Nowhere is that more visible than on the Burns Engineering Web Site.   Take a look and you'll find a number of ways and locations to start the collaborative conversation about your measurement.


So many ways to stay connected.  What works for you?


Burns RepresentativesCustomer Center


Sanitary SolutionsView/Quote Industrial ProductsRTDology Topics


Interphex On-line commumicationJoin the CommunityCheck out the BEblogRTDology pageBurns Home page

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Burns: New Catalogs

Posted on August 25, 2009

Check out our newest catalogs.


Temperature  Metrology and Temperature Transmitterspicture-4.pngpicture-6.png


New info.  New layout.  Clean and accessible.


Watch for new catalogs for the Series 100, the newly combined Series 200 and 300, and the Burns Sanitary family, Series S.  Also, coming soon:  Thermowells!



Subscribe to the Burns Blog and be the first to know when the new catalogs are available.



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NCSLI and Talkin’ Temperature

Posted on July 28, 2009

Burns Temperature Measurement Experts at NCLSI are making things happen.  Matt Z. wins the Mitutoyo dial caliper by indicating the correct time to within 2 seconds.  matt-wins.JPGThis may be a good opportunity to Stump the Temp Expert on precision, uncertainty, accuracy or on any temperature topic you happen to be dealing with today.


Leave a comment or send a tweet to TempTalk.


How accurate is accurate?  I wonder if Bill or Matt can answer that?



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The Bells toll in Degrees C

Posted on July 14, 2009

While on vacation in Colorado we went on a hike to Crater Lake at the foot of the Maroon Bells just outside of Aspen. maroon-bells.jpg  Of course even though I was on vacation it was impossible for me to turn off my temperature measurement mind.  As I looked out at the clouds that hugged the mountains I thought of how they are a great example of upslope fog caused by the cooler air temperature in the higher elevation.  The adiabatic lapse rate, or sometimes called the "expansional cooling" lapse rate, tells us that  the temperature decreases 3 deg C per 1000 ft elevation due only to expansion of air as it rises.bells.jpg


We were lucky to have brought our rain gear along for the hike because it started raining just as we set out on the trail.  As we gained elevation we could feel the air temperature cool.    When we arrived at Crater lake at elevation 10,350 we had a wonderful view of the Maroon Bells and the beautiful clouds that were forming as a result of the wet air being blown up the mountain and condensing into upslope fog "clouds" due to the adiabatic lapse rate.


I figured the natural beauty was enough of an experience for my wife & daughters so I saved the temperature lesson for the road trip home.  With temperature, as in life, a picture is worth one thousand words.  jim-at-the-maroon-bells.jpg


As I contemplated this temperature phenomena I had them snap this picture of me in a vintage BE baseball cap knowing I would want to share this moment with all of you.


Please share with me where you have seen the beauty of Temperature.


- Jim Burns

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RTD Vs Thermocouple - a BIG hit.

Posted on July 9, 2009

rtdology.jpgThe RTDology Web session "RTD Vs Thermocouple; What's the right choice?" presented by Temperature Measurement Expert Bill Bergquist was a BIG hit.  The attendance was beyond our expectations, the questions were great and everyone stayed until the end.


Let's do it again!!!  Tell us what topics would be valuable to you and your processes by visiting the Burns RTDology web page and click the VOTE NOW button.





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RTD Vs Thermocouple?!?!?

Posted on July 7, 2009

Wednesday, July 8th at 1:00 PM central time....    If you have ever wondered how to choose between an RTD and a Thermocouple for a temperature measurement in your process, you need to join us.


Visit the Burns RTDology page and see how.!


But contact us soon, because we need to stop the registration process at 11:00 AM central time.  The response has been great so we have opened the registrations to UNLIMITED.


RTD Vs TC has been the most frequent search question bringing folks to the Burns web site, so we decided to help clear up the confusion.


The Burns Temperature Measurement Expert, Bill Bergquist will share an hour of info and Q&A opportunity on this mystical question.


Then, Book Mark the RTDology page and watch for the next Web sessions.  Also give us your thoughts on topics - click the "VOTE NOW" button.


Join us on the Web!

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RTDology! Study, Practice AND Share!

Posted on June 19, 2009


R·T·D·ol·o·gyTM;  [ahr-tee-dee-ol-uh-jee]




The study of temperature measurement.  The practice of expertise in the area of resistance temperature detectors and other temperature measurement technology.  RTDologistTM.  Expert in the operation, design, application, selection, accuracy and customization of temperature measurement sensors.  Generally focused on learning and sharing in the field of temperature measurement and associated instruments of high accuracy and reliability.

Interested in the difference between RTD's and Thermocouples?  Wondering about which to choose for your temp measurement needs.  Meet Bill Bergquist on-line:  For more info and to sign up for the WEB session visit the RTDology page.


What other topics would be valuable?  Give us your ideas.


See you on the Web.



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International Accreditation Day!

Posted on June 9, 2009

It may not be as well known as Mothers Day or Independence Day, but today is International Accreditation Day.  June 9th, 2009 was jointly established by 2 international Accreditation organizations to raise awareness of the importance of accreditation.iad_09_icon.jpg


Burns is proud to be a member of the family of accredited laboratories, providing confidence to those we serve in their temperature dependant processes.  Burns has been NVLAP Accredited (lab code 200706-0) since Oct. 2006.


Have you work with other accredited organizations?  Do you see any difference?  We hope so, but would appreciate your perspective.


Happy International Accreditation Day!



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TME at Burns

Posted on May 20, 2009

Temperature Measurement Experts!




We are helping everyone at Burns to Discover their unique Temperature Measurement Expertise.


Watch the Blog and Twitter "Temp Talk", We'll share what we discover.


What temperature expertise can we help you with?  Comment below.  Or share this post with others who have temperature questions.



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NIST honors the cost of change

Posted on May 19, 2009

astm_logo_home.gifJim Burns and Matt Zenner are attending the ASTM committee meeting; E20 for Temperature Measurement  in beautiful Vancouver BC.  Two packed days of discussions on temperature measurement.  It doesn't get any better than that!


At the last meeting in mid November, Dean Ripple of NIST gave an update on the International Temperature Scale of 1990, ITS-90.


Dean said that although the temperature scale has generally been updated every 20 years they are looking at extending ITS-90 another 10 years.  When NIST considered the cost to the industry for the upgrade to equipment and automated calibration systems vs. the benefits that could be realized from the improvement in the temperature scale, they felt it was more practical to wait.


This is a very respectful and real world decision.  We should all be proud of this type of thinking.  ITS-2020?  Mark your calendar to budget for the update within the next 5 to 10 years.   We'll see what the word is in Vancouver.


Here is a little excerpt about Temperature Scales from a Burns Training Document.



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BE blog? Temp Talk Twitter?

Posted on March 14, 2009

cynthia.jpgWhy does Burns Engineering have a BLOG?  What is Burns doing on Twitter?  As Temperature measurement experts, why spend time in the realm of WEB 2.0 / Social Media?    Here's why!!!!  Click to this interview with Jim Burns and he'll explain everything.  SmallcompanyBigimage  See Part 1 & 2 listed in the left sidebar.


Thanks Cynthia Trevino...



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Temperature Calibration Confidence

Posted on February 24, 2009

When it comes to the uncertainty associated with temperature calibration, be certain about the reported uncertainties.


It is important to understand what is included in the reported uncertainty values and the basis upon which the calibration lab operates as the data can have an important influence in your process measurement accuracy and confidence.




NIST traceable:  This is the minimum temperature calibration lab capability.  The statement "NIST Traceable"  indicates there is an unbroken chain of comparisons to stated standards, from the lab instrumentation to NIST.  Calibration performance reported this way is only required to include the uncertainty of the calibration equipment and process.  It does not require the inclusion of the uncertainty (short term behavior) attributed to the sensor being calibrated.


ISO 17025:  This ISO standard titled:  General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, like many ISO systems focuses on the quality system related to the calibration function.  A Calibration Lab that states compliance with  ISO 17025 insures traceability to the primary standard as well as broader system confidence as it addresses practices beyond the specific process related to calibration.  ISO 17025 also addresses the management of the process and lab including training, document control, contract review and management oversight.  The other very important difference is the inclusive analysis of the calibration uncertainty.  ISO 17025 requires labs to include the sensor being calibrated as a component of the stated uncertainty.






Accredited:  There are a few organizations that issue accredited status of metrology labs.  The organizations such as NVLAP and A2LA monitor and audit the labs practices and performance in accordance with ISO 17025.  Burns, (lab code: 200706-0) selected NVLAP, established by NIST in 1976 as the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program.  The NVLAP accreditation requirements are described in  NIST Handbook 150.  NVLAP also includes the general requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540.  Uncertainties reported are inclusive of the sensor being calibrated, and validated through proficiency testing.


Here is a short paper on Understanding Calibration Uncertainties as reported by Burns Engineering.


Know your Calibration Lab!  It's important.  Comment above about your experience with Cal lab qualifications.



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ASME-BPE; a few notes…

Posted on January 29, 2009

Returning from Puerto Rico to another week of below zero temps in Minnesota.  Welcome home?!?


The three days of committee meetings were actually extremely effective.  As always, a lot of passionate people offering great insights and wisdom for the purpose to provide effective and valuable standards for the Pharmaceutical process industry.conf-room-view.JPG


This is a view from the conference room.  A bit of a distraction but the conversation was compelling so staying focused was easy.


I had an interesting conversation about the validation process.  From an instrument perspective the idea is to consider validation of alternate instruments from a Form, Fit and Function analysis, rather than requiring an entire system validation effort.  This could have some traction, but plenty of work and justification needs to be pursued.  Maybe next meeting.


I also had the opportunity to lead various discussions on the topic of temperature measurement instruments, creating a definition as well as what guidance would best serve the Pharma industry.  As part of the sub committee on Process Instrumentation, of which I am now an official member, I am leading the Task group to draft the section on Temperature Measurement Instruments.  The Process Instrumentation section is scheduled for inclusion in the 2012 version of the BPE standard.  The pressure's on because the temperature section is intended to set the format and structure for all other instrument sections.  Exciting stuff.


Over the next several months the Task Group which includes new friends from Anderson Instruments, Weed Instruments and Genentech, will collaborate via email in preparation for the next meeting; October in Boston.


I am honored by the opportunity!



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ASME-BPE; An honor to contribute.

Posted on January 18, 2009

The ASME-BPE committees are meeting in San Juan this week.  I will admit, it's a nice change of climate after nearly 90 hours of below zero temperatures in Minnesota.  But mostly it's an honor to participate with this group of volunteers from across the Pharmaceuitical and BioPharmaceuitical industries.  In September the organization kicked off a new committee to address Process Instrumentation.  Since then, I have participated in drafting the scope for the committee, documenting the definition of an "instrument" as it pertains to the mission of BPE and the description of "Temperature Sensor" as part of a section that describes all the instruments pertinent to Bio-process equipment.  I have enjoyed bring my and Burns' Temperature Measurement Expertise to this discussion.  It's important work and I am looking forward to this weeks progress.


More from San Juan in the next couple days.


Curious or have a question or comment to share with the folks at BPE???  Click the COMMENT button and ask away.  I'll check it out and share what I learn.



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You may BE a winner; Survey says…

Posted on December 17, 2008

Congratulations to our BEblast Survey Winners!


Thanks to everyone who responded to our Nov. 4th survey! The winners, selected at random in a blind drawing, are:


- R. Baugh


- M. Vandervelde


- S. Burgess


Congrats! To claim your $50 Visa Gift Card, just send me an email at from the address you referenced in the survey and I'll be in touch.


As heard from you! The survey says ...


We had a great response and heard from plant managers, instrument engineers, directors of quality - even some of our representatives and distributors. They work mainly in the key industries Burns serves: Life Sciences, Energy and Food & Beverage. Thanks again to all who shared their opinions.


So what did you have to say? Here's a summary:besurveyq4.PNG


Most valuable temp-measurement info? 61% said App Notes and Product Specs (we'll keep them coming!)


What would help you get the big promo at work? That mostly had to do with ways to save money with effective temperature measurement, creative application approaches, newest tech advancements - and one person wanted to get hired by Burns! (we'll see what we can do.)


What industry events are you planning to attend? Most common shows were ISA, ISPE, NCSLI. Many were still undecided at this time. (so far, Burns is committed to INTERPHEX Puerto Rico and New York, NCSLI and maybe an energy show and a food & beverage show: email me if you know of good ones!)


And how are folks interacting with our BEblasts?


- 87% open our BEblasts (36% Always and 51% Sometimes)


- 66% click-through to other articles or links (11% Always and 55% Sometimes)


- 59% visit our BEsite once a month (thanks!)


- 86% HAVE NOT visited the BEblog! (ouch!)


But hey, thanks for visiting the BEblog today! Like our survey, this is the place to keep the conversation going. So hit the COMMENT button now and leave a thought or two about what would make you visit the BEblog once in a while.


Thanks again for your time on the survey and for being such great customers and business partners. Together, we're one amazing group of temperature measurement experts!


Talk soon, Chuck

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Burns Engineering looking GREEN

Posted on July 18, 2008

Along with our Spring loaded RTD's, spring has definitely busted out and summer is in full swing.  The smell of fresh cut grass,  sun glasses, shade, all the wonders mother nature has to offer.  Sprinkle in a storm or 2 and some humidity and there's no doubt summer in Minnesota has arived.


Back in the throws of spring, the Fun Committee at Burns thought we should bring a little GREEN inside.  So given a small cup, a handful of dirt and a pinch of seeds, a little contest began to see who could care for and grow the biggest plant......Needless to say the results are varied.plant-1.pngplant-4.pngplant-5a.jpg


The winner were crowned at our summer picnic today.  I'll announce the winners next week....  May the greenest thumb win!




By the way, we are also breathing a little more life into our internal recycling program to promote awareness and better recycling throughout the organization.  More on that and other environmentally conscious efforts in a future post.


What creative activities is your organization doing to serve Mother Earth?  Click the Comment button above and share...





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RTDs in small packages…

Posted on July 11, 2008

The best things come in small packages.  I've heard that phrase many times.  Recently the engineering team at Burns has been working on a stealth project to evaluate material and process approaches for the purpose of; mini, tiny, micro and just little RTD's.  We code named the project SLIM and gave it a mascot....slim.jpg




We discovered some interesting materials and process options, and broke a few assumptions and perceived constraints.  Then, in the design mode, applied these ideas and created a few new RTD's for various applications throughout the BioPharma, Food & Beverage, PetroChem and Ethanol industries.  These little RTD's play a role in Bearing temperature monitoring, product transit condition monitoring and various surface sensing and tight locations where addition temperature profile and awareness is important to the process.




The team had a blast think beyond the rules, historical approaches and known materials.  In true "achieve, change and improve" mode, we are doing it again.


What paradigms have you busted through recently?  Click the comment button and tell us a bit about your recent  A-ha's.



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Burns Engineering - “BE” ???

Posted on June 6, 2008

Jim Burns has used a key phrase in nearly every communication to our various stakeholders.  That phrase is "Who we are and what we do..."  It seems to fit every aspect of the Burns vision, intention and values, guiding our interactions and purpose with all stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers, contractors, representatives, distributors....It's about being true to who Burns, as an organization, has been and is today!


BE real


It's about being consistent and honest with what we do, what we are experts at, what our sweet spot is, and how we serve and resolve problems and challenges for our stakeholders.  (By the way, that's the fun part!)


So, it seemed logical and effective to use the initials of Burns Engineering, "BE", to build statements and phrases around describing who and how we will be for each other and for all the friends of Burns.  These phrases such as BE in conversation, BE temperature experts, BE creative, BE confident, BE relieved, effectively drive our thinking, behavior and intentions to support "Who we are and What we do..."


Join us in the conversation through the BEblog or by registering on the Web Site to discover, design and create temperature products and systems to serve your success, and we promise to achieve, change and improve to continually serve you, and all Burns stakeholders.


Thanks for joining Burns on this journey.



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Lake Temperature???

Posted on May 12, 2008

Hi all,


This weekend was the Fishing opener in Minnesota and last weekend in Wisconsin.  I didn't get a chance to get out, but I am curious about the water temperature. Big Bass


Maybe someday we'll will install PRT's in the main fishing lakes around the country.  Maybe the underwater probe.  It's fish friendly.  See previous post;  Burns PRT goes swimming.


What did you find at your favorite fishing spot?  Click the comment button and tell us where you "wet a line" and what the water was like.



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Burns team supports local Food Shelf

Posted on April 1, 2008

Caring has always been an important part of who we are here at Burns Engineering. When my father founded the company, it was based on the premise that we care about how temperature plays an important role for our customers' process efficiency, product quality and/or environmental safety.


Here at the office we find ways to care for each other in the way we work together in teams such as our Kaizen events AND we find ways to have fun together. We even have a fun committee that plans activities year round for all the employees to participate in.



Recently we had an event that provided an opportunity to turn our caring outside our 4 walls. We organized a food drive. To make it fun we split into 3 groups to see which team could bring in the most. The teams all had a lot of good healthy competition. We developed team slogans, celebrated team participation with home made baked goods, our mail carrier even brought in items for each team.




We delivered the goods on a cold Minnesota day when the food shelf was almost empty. The VEAP organization (Voluteers Enlisted to Assist People) welcomed us with warm hearts.  What the Burns teams had collected weighed in at 550 lbs! It was a true win win: we further developed our Social Good mindset (and had fun) and the food shelf received the much needed supplies.


Have your organization support your local food shelf. Then return to the BEblog and share what you collected via the comment button above... Can you beat 550 Lbs?


Jim Burns


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Burns Engineering Sr. Metrology Engineer, John Zwak, has been very busy testing products and ideas, as well as authoring papers on various subjects in the realm of temperature measurement and all the nuances and challenges involved to help you BE confident.

johnzwak2.png John's early RTD experience was with a premier Aerospace temperature products company. This experience positions him very well to bridge the rigorous with the practical; the technology with the application; and the desire to learn with the desire to share.


John's recent technical papers have covered topics such as; PRT Error Sources; Part 1:  Interchangeability & Part 2:  Insulation Resistance and Part 3: Stability.


In his paper regarding As Found Calibration Data, John helps interpret this valuable information as part of the SSPRT calibration after an in service period.  He's also working on a paper describing the use of an Ice Bath to approximate the Triple Point of Water.  This wonderful example of Johns' practical approach to complex issues, was briefly introduced in a previous post titled Calibration; Creativity & Confidence.  This paper has been included in the technical program at the NCSL International Conference in August.


conference2008-square-1.gifThis isn't the first paper presented to an Industry-wide audience. John co-authored and presented an introductory article called: "Zero Tolerance" for ISA / InTech, May 2005.


As co-author, John's paper on Measuring Temperature in Small Diameter Lines, after being presented at the 2002 International Temperature Symposium, was recognized by the ISPE organization, winning The Roger F. Sherwood Article of the Year award in 2005.


When John isn't authoring, performing uncertainty analyses or reviewing calibration data, he's creating custom RTD designs for various challenging applications. John and his new friend Matt, introduced in an earlier post, are constantly collaborating on new customized designs.


And just in case you're wondering, John is not all work and no play. He's also a family man. John and his wife have three children ranging from age seven to 18 years. John's family are also big Disney fans and enjoy spending time with the Mouse.


John’s friend Mickey




Walt Disney is known for quotes like; "It's kind of fun to do the impossible" and "If you can dream it, you can do it".   Interestingly , John and Walt think alike in the area of problem solving and technical creativity. Walt Disney uses the title "Imagineers" for the most creative folks. We often think of John that way.


John and his friends at Burns are on a mission to deeply engage in the world of temperature measurement and share what we learn with those we serve.


So watch for more technical papers available on the Burns Web Site.


And if there's something specific you'd like to hear more from John about a la temperature, click the comment button above or just email him at  He'd love to chat!





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Burns’ Continuous Improvement via 5S

Posted on March 1, 2008

The Manufacturing Team at Burns Engineering continues it's quest for continuous improvement. Here's a link to the previous post.


Over the last year we've been applying the 5S principles (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) in several areas of production. We now have set of tools that are color-coded and several with homes on shadow boards. Our inventory is organized on labeled shelves and the group has adopted a culture that leverages every moment of slack time for cleaning and important preventive maintenance.


We've made good progress, Graph of Results, yet we're not resting on our laurels. 5S is a key tool for continuous improvement at Burns and we'll continue to audit the machine shop and springboard their successes into other departments.


Color Coded Shadow Board Maintenance




Have any questions or experience with 5S? Click the comment button above and share!




Manufacturing Engineer & 5S / Kaizen facilitator

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Tangled & Confounded No More!

Posted on December 20, 2007

The Grinch isn't going to mess up this year's Holiday!  Burns Holiday email message on the left ... after giving the challenge some thought, our solution on the right:

holidaybeblast.png untangledlights1.png


It's simple and elegant ... just like a lot of the temperature-measurement solutions we come up with around here!


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy Kwanzaa!

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Welcome to the BEblog!

Posted on November 21, 2007

To all the engineers, from a fellow Engineer; to those with challenging temperature measurements, from a guy (and an organization) that loves problem solving … Welcome to the BEblog!


Serial #16


With help from my friends at Burns, Richard, Judy, John, Tom, Bill and Jim we'll be sharing our ideas, our experiences and our creative thinking and problem solving through this blog.


We hope you'll share your thoughts, join in the conversation and help us build the Burns Engineering blog into an online community hub of discussion about all things temperature measurement. The BEblog will be a place to visit, to learn, to share, and offer questions. The more voices the better. So share your own blogs; we'll link to them. Share your experiences; we'll appreciate them. Share your passions for temperature and problem solving; we'll revel in them.


It’s also OK just to visit. If you see something interesting and want to share it with a friend or business colleague, please do! We'd love to hear from them as well.


And don't forget to scan through the other posts on the blog by scrolling down ...


We look forward to the conversation!


- Chuck

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