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Flush Vs. Immersion

Posted on April 17, 2018

Flush mounted sensors are necessary when the process contains moving parts such as a stir device.  Various challenges need to be addressed to ensure a confident  measurement that truly represents the process of interest. This Applicaton Note provides insight on how to address these challenges.  If you have further questions contact the Burns Application Engineering Team at:  info(at)​

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Featured Product; Sensor Style D, G, P

Posted on January 13, 2015

Direct Immersion style sensors are an effective choice when response time is critical and system size doesn't allow for a thermowell.



> Catalog Spread of the D, G, P style


‘D’ Style Application

Straight sheath available on series 300 only. Allows pass through in tight locations.

‘G’ Style Application

Addition of the transition fitting improves moisture resistance. Recommended where humidity is high.

‘P’ Style Application

Quick disconnect plug allows use with multiple readouts and portable equipment.

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Featured Product - Underwater Sensor

Posted on March 11, 2014

The Burns underwater RTD is designed for measuring water temperature in power plant cooling ponds, municipal waste water discharge, and other similar applications. Construction is 316 / 304 SS, and nylon for long term corrosion resistance. Heavy duty neoprene insulation on the 18 AWG cable insures long life and accurate measurement. Available with cable lengths up to 500 feet in 3 or 4 wire circuit arrangement, the sensor follows the IEC 60751 and ASTM E1137 standards for a 100 ohm, 0.00385 coefficient platinum sensor. Sensor and cable are completely waterproof and corrosion resistant and can be laid directly on the pond bottom or suspended.


Available with a 304 SS guard tube that provides additional durability and impact protection.


See the drawing.


Accuracy up to ± 0.15°C at 10°C (50°F) is available when the “05″ interchangeability code is selected. Standard accuracy is ± 0.30°C at 10°C (50°F).

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In the sanitary process environment, clean and easy management of the sensing instruments is crucial.


The Burns Engineering Series S, Sanitary Model S55 and S60 combined with a SWT Sanitary Thermowell offers easy removal without breaching the system boundary.





The thermowell and the sensor are installed utilizing a hygienic clamp union. Removal of the sensor is easy and convenient in support of calibration or replacement without disturbing the thermowell or opening the processing system.




For installations where external cleaning is not a specific concern, a standard union can be effective.

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Featured Product - T16 Mini Transmitter

Posted on November 3, 2013

burns-s01-with-t16-a.JPGThe T16 is a miniature loop-powered RTD temperature transmitter integrated into a compact aluminum connection head.  The T16 is ideal for applications where a head mounted transmitter is required and space is limited, such as process skids and reactor vessels.



t16-config-group-a.jpgThe T16 is easily programmed with a PC using the Burns TP16 Programming Module and Communication Software. Designed for use with Burns S01 Sanitary RTD, the T16 incoporates N.E.T. Solution™ (No Exposed Threads) construction to provide cleanable, repeatable, stable, and accurate temperature control in your small diameter lines.

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Featured Product - Thermowells

Posted on September 6, 2013

Burns offers thermowells in multiple configurations for Industrial and Sanitary applications. t-wells1.JPG


Thermowell designs include fast response, heavy duty, flanged, welded, and threaded, as well as protection tubes and thermal dampening wells. Materials from carbon steel to nearly every exotic alloy are available  including Tantalum over-sheath for corrosion resistance in demanding applications.











All materials are fully documented and a variety of tests are available such as wake frequency and strength calculation, Positive Material Identification, and pressure testing to insure confidence in your temperature measurement installation.

If your application needs something a little different or the measurement is a challenge, the Engineering team at Burns will modify and adapt one of these designs to meet your specific needs.

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Featured Product - Connection Heads

Posted on July 31, 2013



Connection heads are available in a variety of materials including polypropylene, cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminum, and designed for all environments including cleanrooms, hazardous areas, outdoors, confined spaces, and harsh environments.  head-group.jpg


Several of the heads incorporate digital indicators in loop powered or battery powered configurations. Most can accept DIN B transmitters. 


See all the connection heads available from Burns in the Conection Head Suppliement

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There is a lot of focus in the Biotech and BioPharma industry on single use and disposable processing equipment.  The drive to achieve sanitary operation, reducing risk of contamination, and the mounting expense to build and operate large facilities has brought this conversation and system development to the forefront.  The equipment and systems involved with single use and disposable processing demand new, creative, and highly effective instruments.  Temperature is a critical parameter to ensure efficient  and effective operation. bioreactor.jpg


The Bioreator PRT was specifically designed for Bioreactor bag style systems, and offers industry-leading accuracy, stability, and short-term repeatability performance.  Bioreactor Sensor information.


We have customized this and multiple other sensors to help many Biotech and BioPharma companies achieve confident temperature measurement while reducing the effort of CIP and SIP through single use and disposable operations.


Don't see what you have in mind?  Contact Burns and we'll design a sensor for your specific needs.

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snr-components.jpgNewly released:  SNR;  Non-Intrusive temperature sensor with the flexibility required for your important process.  The removable sensor, installed utilizing a hygienic clamp union, is easily removed to support periodic calibration verification.


snr-large-and-small.jpgAvailable in flow tube sizes from 1/2: to 4", and with Weld-End or Hygienic Ferrule process connections.  View the SNR assemblies and SNR sensor details.


The ultimate in cleanability, flexibility and confidence in your process measurement.

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Featured Product, Temperature Indicator

Posted on April 1, 2013

There are times when a local indication of temperature would be really convenient.  The Burns 19A and 20P LED Indicators provide exactly what you need.  20p.jpg


The 20P, combined with a T51 transmitter and Burns Series 200 sensor will provide a confident measurement visible through the LED, 4 digit display nearly anywhere in your process.19a-no-background.jpg


For harsh or hazardous environments the 19A, aluminum connection head and T51 or T55 transmitter is explosion proof (FM approved, Class I, Div.1, Group A, B, C, D: Class II, Div 1, Group E, F, G).


The loop powered LED indicator offers a simple menu for setup via buttons on the device.  For more information about the LED indicator (or LCD battery powered options), refer to page 7 of the Burns Connection Head supplement.

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Featured Product - Autoclave Sensors

Posted on February 28, 2013

autoclave-group-small.JPGDesigned specifically for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, Burns Engineering Autoclave RTDs are for use in steam autoclaves where water is present in the environment.  Additionally, the sensing element is fully supported for maximum durability and long-term stability.  View the Burns Autoclave Catalog.


  • Completely sealed, waterproof and pressure proof, ensures that moisture cannot enter the sensor or migrate from the autoclave chamber.
  • 1/8" sharpened tip configuration available - easily pierces rubber stoppers on load cells.
  • Optional ruggedized cabling to withstand wear and tear of daily use.


Classic Autoclave - SAC:           Load monitoring - SAL:




Heavy Duty - SAH:                   X-treme Duty - SAX:



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Featured Product - Flush Mounted Sensor

Posted on February 4, 2013

Designed for use in tanks that incorporate scrappers or mixing blades, the Flush Mount Temperature Sensor, (SFM-Sanitary Flush Mount) is an effective solution when immersion sensor are prohibited.  SFM Catalog page.126941.jpg


Installation involves cutting a 2" diameter hole in the tank, usually on the bottom and then welding the threaded adaptor over the opening.  The adaptor and backing nut holds the sensor in place, sealed with a PTFE gasket.   sfm-installation_page_3.jpg


Flush mounted sensors can incorporate a standard connection head or with loop or battery powered transmitter / indicator.



  • Time Constant:  4 seconds
  • Pressure Rating:  34 psi with PTFE gasket
  • Theoretical Max. Pressure for housing:  200 psi
  • Construction:  316L
  • Single or Dual element with 0.05% or 0.10% interchangeability
  • Product Contact Surface Finish:  32Ra or better
  • 3A-74 Listed


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Featured Product; T51 & T55 Transmitters

Posted on January 7, 2013

t51_and_t55-a.JPGLoop powered DIN B Form RTD and thermocouple temperature transmitters for head mounting. Model T51 and T55 transmitters carry FM, CE, and CSA approvals allowing installation and use in a variety of applications.tp05-calibration-programming-interface.JPG Models T51 and T55 are easily programmed with a PC using the TP05 Interface and communication software. The T55 may also be programmed with your handheld HART® communicator and both models feature class-leading ±0.05% of span accuracy.  Check the Specs!

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Featured Product - Miniature RTDs

Posted on December 3, 2012

Series A - Miniature RTD


The Series A sensors deliver a small profile sensor while exceeding Class A interchangeability tolerances.  When space is limited and accuracy with high repeatability is a must, Series A is the answer.  The small diameter and short length enables the sensor to maneuver into the tightest spaces to secure your critical temperature measurements.Series A on the Burns Web Site


With unlimited installation possibilities, the Series A gives you maximum flexibility in a compact design.

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Featured Product - Bearing Sensors

Posted on November 16, 2012

Temperature is a key indicator of bearing health.  For rotating equipment, reliability and predictive maintenance is an imperative to "Up-time".  This family of Bearing Sensors, available in a variety of configurations or customized to meet your specific application, will provide the confidence required for your processes.bearing-temp.JPG


Designs include single or dual RTD, thermocouple, 1/8" to 1/4" diameter, straight or bent, and a variety of process fittings.


For more information on this family of sensors - Fact Sheet.




Send a note to INFO(at)

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Featured Product - Surface Mounted RTD

Posted on October 16, 2012

surface-sensor.JPGThe surface mount RTD is used to obtain a temperature measurement on pipes, tanks, or other surfaces.  Installation is accomplished by means of clamps, adhesives, bolts or screws and typically does not require modification of the surface to be measured.  Addition of an insulating blanket over the sensor improves accuracy by shielding it from the ambient temperature.


This Application Note describes a measurement challenge where a surface mounted RTD is an effective choice.

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Confident, Accredited and Quick.


Burns offers NVLAP accredited (Lab Code 200706-0) resistance thermometry ice-bathcalibrations with uncertainties from 25 to 3.4mK over the range of -200°C to 500°C.


PRT and System Calibrations with fast turn-around to minimize your downtime.That's Cold!


See Our Promise and learn more about our 5 business day guarantee or we take $100 off the cost of the calibration.

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This stainless steel connection head (Burns Code 24S), with built-in battery powered LCD indicator, can be located nearly anywhere to provide a highly visible and accurate temperature reading._21s-2012_06_21_0939.JPG


Also available in aluminum (22A), or polycarbonate (23P) housings; all three accept either a thermocouple or RTD input, in numerous sensor configurations, and are rated NEMA 4X.


Utilizing a 3.6V lithium AA size battery, these LCD indicators will operate worry-free for up to 2 years.


The Instruction Manual provides details of this family of LCD indicators including how they work, installation guidelines and programming functions.

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Featured Product: Averaging RTD

Posted on July 5, 2012

Model 15297;  Averaging RTD.


Available in sensitive lengths from 3 to 60 feet, the 15297 averaging RTD measures an average temperature along its entire length.  Commonly used for air temperature measurement in ducts and rooms.  Sheath materials of 316 SS or aluminum allow easy for bending to fit a variety of locations.15297-averaging.JPG

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Featured Product: Coming Soon

Posted on July 3, 2012

Watch for Featured Products from Burns Engineering.  Interesting measurement approaches, tough solutions, non-traditional sensor designs;  all solving temperature measurements with a focus on the application and measurement need first and the sensor selection that best serves the need.

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