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There is a lot of focus in the Biotech and BioPharma industry on single use and disposable processing equipment.  The drive to achieve sanitary operation, reducing risk of contamination, and the mounting expense to build and operate large facilities has brought this conversation and system development to the forefront.  The equipment and systems involved with single use and disposable processing demand new, creative, and highly effective instruments.  Temperature is a critical parameter to ensure efficient  and effective operation. bioreactor.jpg


The Bioreator PRT was specifically designed for Bioreactor bag style systems, and offers industry-leading accuracy, stability, and short-term repeatability performance.  Bioreactor Sensor information.


We have customized this and multiple other sensors to help many Biotech and BioPharma companies achieve confident temperature measurement while reducing the effort of CIP and SIP through single use and disposable operations.


Don't see what you have in mind?  Contact Burns and we'll design a sensor for your specific needs.

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