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single-point.jpgWe have observed, where temperature is being measured in bulk material or large volume air or liquid, a single point sensor isn't effective in representing the thermal characteristics of the entire area of interest.  Installing several discrete sensors can be cumbersome requiring multiple installation points.




Averaging sensors and Multi-point sensors can serve these applications extremely well.  We have developed a Compendium of Averaging and Multi-Point Sensors and their Applications to provide some insight into these unique measurement situations.

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Featured Product - Bearing Sensors

Posted on November 16, 2012

Temperature is a key indicator of bearing health.  For rotating equipment, reliability and predictive maintenance is an imperative to "Up-time".  This family of Bearing Sensors, available in a variety of configurations or customized to meet your specific application, will provide the confidence required for your processes.bearing-temp.JPG


Designs include single or dual RTD, thermocouple, 1/8" to 1/4" diameter, straight or bent, and a variety of process fittings.


For more information on this family of sensors - Fact Sheet.




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RTD Performance - Periodic Verification?

Posted on November 14, 2012

YES!   It can be as easy as measuring the resistance in a container of ice water. (you don't need a Triple Point of Water Cell.)ice-bath-a.JPG We have discovered too many times that sensors are installed in systems that experience a combination of temperature cycling, over temp excursions, vibration, high flow rates and /or just left unattended for years.  In many cases this is not a concern based on the requirements of the measurement.  Although, if these influences exists and the expectation is to be confident that the measurement represents the actual process media temperature, periodic verification can ensure that confidence. tech-papers.jpg This paper titled:  Developing a Periodic Performance Verification Program  for Platinum Resistance Thermometers, will help you understand the importance, and provide some guidance on how to establish a verification approach that is right for your application. Visit the Burns Website Technical Papers page - register/sign-in to access ALL the papers.  This set of papers provides an in-depth study of the source of error,  the cost of measurement error, and how to manage the multiple influences on the measurement. Our Mission is Your Measurement! We believe that any sensor will provide a measurement, although if the influences that exist in the application are not managed or planned for, that measurement may not represent the actual process temperature. If you would like to discuss your application to ensure measurement confidence in your operation - call or send a note.  Here is our contact information.

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