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Earth Day-Every day!

Posted on April 22, 2011

Earth Day at Burns is all about conserving resources.  We recycle and re-use whenever we can, but when we can help our customers conserve that's a beautiful thing.


Here is a paper about how temperature measurement accuracy can save energy resources (and cost).  Technical Paper


Prior news post about how Burns serves the Earth...  Burns and the Earth 


Happy Earth Day.

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Test and released an article on how NIST is making strides in research that "...would then redefine the Kelvin...".  This is advancement in the understanding temperature at an atomic level.  nist.jpg


NIST is striving for measurement uncertainties of 5ppm or less., (that is 0.000005 degrees)   "...a level of precision that would help update crucial underpinnings of science, including the definition of the Kelvin, the international unit of temperature. "


 Read the article..  Amazing!


Burns may not have this device available on our website for a long time, but the research is fascinating and, well, you never know.....


Check it out and let us know what you think about the work at NIST.

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