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Health Dept in KY tightening rules

Posted on February 25, 2011

wdrb_fox41_louisville.jpgInteresting!  Reported by WDRB Fox 41.  The Kentucky Health Department in its new Restaurant Health Standards, has reduced the temperature specification for holding cold food from 45F to 41F.  Food and consumer safety stated as the driving factor.


That's only a 4 degree change!  It doesn't seem like much unless your measurement is OFF by a couple degrees and then the risk of food born illness and non-compliance is just an FDA Inspector or sick customer away.  Read the article.picture-5.png


We can help with that!


With the right Burns RTD and a little coaching about the potential sources of measurement error, 41F can be achieved with confidence!


Give us a call, Bill would love to discuss the options and approaches -  952-935-4400, or drop a note via

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Engineers Week; Feb. 20-26

Posted on February 18, 2011

eweek_logo_2011.jpgGeeky, strange, detailed, or rigid?  Whatever you think, true or un-true, Engineers do change the world.  From NASA to Disney to Burns, Engineers help make things better and enjoyable for everyone.  Here are the  Engineers Week activities in Minnesota.eweek-anniversary.png


Celebrating 60 years, here are the activities at a National Level .


Grab this POSTER to celebrate with your favorite Engineers!


What are you doing for eWeek?  Share by leaving a comment.

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Mercury in Glass - a thing of the past.

Posted on February 16, 2011

nist.jpgRead this important message from NIST:


No more Calibration of Mercury Thermometers (MiG).


 In the big picture, this is necessary to help build momentum to STOP the use of these devices.  There are a lot of reasons they are in place, but the Mercury risk to the environment is too great.


FYI - Burns can help provide an RTD based instrument to replace the MiG.


Send a note to, we'll help you find a better solution.

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RTDology-Improving Existing Measurements

Posted on February 15, 2011

rtdology_mast.jpgNO Cost consultation for improving existing temperature measurements.  The session is TODAY, Wed., Feb 16 at Noon central time.


Join the session:  Register here!


Can't particapate in the session?  Send a note to: and we'll let you know when the session will be offered again.

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