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We asked our selves, "How do the sensors we provide help care for the earth?" Go Mother Nature


Save energy:  Every degree in temperature saved through better accuracy can save 437,824,800 BTUs of energy annually. (Which equates to about $8,980 in electrical usage)  See the analysis.


We monitor natural gas pipelines with an array of sensors to help identify leaks-early-to reduce gas loss and wasted energy in pumping.


We monitor cooling water discharge into rivers and lakes to ensure minimal environmental effects.  See the Application Note  Clean-clear water for the Walleyes


We are currently working on a sensor to monitor the temperature of Solar panels mounted on roof tops.


Burns sensors monitor Thermal Oxidizers at Ethanol plants to help reduce VOC emissions. See the Application Note


little green frog


We provided sensors to a foundry to control the exhaust stack fan speed based on the stack temperature - saving energy.


We have place digital indicators in locations in the field at various processing plants to provide a local indication and help maintenance workers improve control of the systems. See the Application Note


We have RTDs supporting 134A refrigerant production as a replacement for Freon 12,   Reducing Ozone depletion.Wind and Air


Wow!  Proud to know we are caring for the environment especially today; Earth Day!


How are you helping?  Leave a comment.

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Mr. Pyrometer praises HD Autoclave

Posted on April 22, 2010

Mr. Pyrometer, (Ray Peacock) posted a nice review of the Burns Heavy Duty Autoclave RTD on


Mr. Pyro is one of the fascinating people in the Temperature world.  The Burns team was thilled to meet him at Interphex in NY.



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Burns at Interphex NY!

Posted on April 21, 2010

Jeff, Bill and Richard are in New York busy talking temperature measurement with the Pharmaceutical and Biotech world.

If your looking for the April Calendar Challenge, CLICK HERE.

They are talking to several folks about the SNR, Sanitary Non-intrusive Removable Sensor SNRand the Heavy Duty Autoclave design.  Durable AutoclaveThese are two ideas that we feel will solve a multitude of challenges in the Pharma processing area.  If you are in NY, stop by and visit.  Booth #2665.


Interested and are not in New York, contact us at:, we'd love to share our plans and thoughts on these products or any of our other temperature solutions.

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Designed-in Flexibility

Posted on April 2, 2010

Another Burns Application Note!  A100317


This one is all about designing for flexibility to support the application variations that make an off-the-shelf sensor fall short of serving the customers real-world needs.


That is our mission; Provide the measurement that meets the need, not just a sensor!


There are several others....  Click this logo and Check them out!


Burns Application Notes Page


Do you have a challenging application?  Leave a comment and tell us about it - We'll get on it!

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