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NIST: Critical measurement on a Nano scale

Posted on September 23, 2009

How small is small? ISA - InTech In an article posted by ISA - InTech, from an interview with scientists from NIST, they use terms such as tiny, micro and nano.  The team at NIST is working on  temperature-sensitive fluorescent dyes to measure and monitor the critical temperature in Microfluidic systems used in medical diagnostics and DNA forensics.


Fascinating in a BIG way.  Check it out.

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Temperature Conversations on the WEB

Posted on September 17, 2009

Conversation and creativity...  That's what it takes.  Burns has been in the business of solving temperature measurement challenges for nearly fifty years (Yep, 50!).  We believe that it is in the conversation, the discovery process and the creative application of the 1000's of design approaches that we are able to bring the right solution to the measurement need.


Nowhere is that more visible than on the Burns Engineering Web Site.   Take a look and you'll find a number of ways and locations to start the collaborative conversation about your measurement.


So many ways to stay connected.  What works for you?


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There’s a Burns APP for that…

Posted on September 4, 2009

burns-logo-icon.JPGThe engineers at Burns have been applying platinum resistance technology to solve temperature measurement needs for decades.




Need to measure the temperature of a small amount of liquid in a small container?   There's an APP for that.










Need a 3-A approved sensor for your dairy process temperature measurement with no exposed threads? There's an APP for that.








Looking for a very accurate sensor for a very cold environment that you can flex to control the location?  There's an APP for that too.








Struggling with some other odd or interesting temperature measurement challenge?  We'll create an APP for that!





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