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ASME-BPE; a few notes…

Posted on January 29, 2009

Returning from Puerto Rico to another week of below zero temps in Minnesota.  Welcome home?!?


The three days of committee meetings were actually extremely effective.  As always, a lot of passionate people offering great insights and wisdom for the purpose to provide effective and valuable standards for the Pharmaceutical process industry.conf-room-view.JPG


This is a view from the conference room.  A bit of a distraction but the conversation was compelling so staying focused was easy.


I had an interesting conversation about the validation process.  From an instrument perspective the idea is to consider validation of alternate instruments from a Form, Fit and Function analysis, rather than requiring an entire system validation effort.  This could have some traction, but plenty of work and justification needs to be pursued.  Maybe next meeting.


I also had the opportunity to lead various discussions on the topic of temperature measurement instruments, creating a definition as well as what guidance would best serve the Pharma industry.  As part of the sub committee on Process Instrumentation, of which I am now an official member, I am leading the Task group to draft the section on Temperature Measurement Instruments.  The Process Instrumentation section is scheduled for inclusion in the 2012 version of the BPE standard.  The pressure's on because the temperature section is intended to set the format and structure for all other instrument sections.  Exciting stuff.


Over the next several months the Task Group which includes new friends from Anderson Instruments, Weed Instruments and Genentech, will collaborate via email in preparation for the next meeting; October in Boston.


I am honored by the opportunity!



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ASME-BPE; An honor to contribute.

Posted on January 18, 2009

The ASME-BPE committees are meeting in San Juan this week.  I will admit, it's a nice change of climate after nearly 90 hours of below zero temperatures in Minnesota.  But mostly it's an honor to participate with this group of volunteers from across the Pharmaceuitical and BioPharmaceuitical industries.  In September the organization kicked off a new committee to address Process Instrumentation.  Since then, I have participated in drafting the scope for the committee, documenting the definition of an "instrument" as it pertains to the mission of BPE and the description of "Temperature Sensor" as part of a section that describes all the instruments pertinent to Bio-process equipment.  I have enjoyed bring my and Burns' Temperature Measurement Expertise to this discussion.  It's important work and I am looking forward to this weeks progress.


More from San Juan in the next couple days.


Curious or have a question or comment to share with the folks at BPE???  Click the COMMENT button and ask away.  I'll check it out and share what I learn.



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As Temperature Measurement Experts we are not only passionate about sharing what we know, but also learning and stretching our creativity in solving temperature measurement challenges.  Here is a link to our article in Process Heating on temperature measurement tip.  Click here:  Burns article in Process Heating Magazine on-line.


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