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Burns Engineering looking GREEN

Posted on July 18, 2008

Along with our Spring loaded RTD's, spring has definitely busted out and summer is in full swing.  The smell of fresh cut grass,  sun glasses, shade, all the wonders mother nature has to offer.  Sprinkle in a storm or 2 and some humidity and there's no doubt summer in Minnesota has arived.


Back in the throws of spring, the Fun Committee at Burns thought we should bring a little GREEN inside.  So given a small cup, a handful of dirt and a pinch of seeds, a little contest began to see who could care for and grow the biggest plant......Needless to say the results are varied.plant-1.pngplant-4.pngplant-5a.jpg


The winner were crowned at our summer picnic today.  I'll announce the winners next week....  May the greenest thumb win!




By the way, we are also breathing a little more life into our internal recycling program to promote awareness and better recycling throughout the organization.  More on that and other environmentally conscious efforts in a future post.


What creative activities is your organization doing to serve Mother Earth?  Click the Comment button above and share...





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RTDs in small packages…

Posted on July 11, 2008

The best things come in small packages.  I've heard that phrase many times.  Recently the engineering team at Burns has been working on a stealth project to evaluate material and process approaches for the purpose of; mini, tiny, micro and just little RTD's.  We code named the project SLIM and gave it a mascot....slim.jpg




We discovered some interesting materials and process options, and broke a few assumptions and perceived constraints.  Then, in the design mode, applied these ideas and created a few new RTD's for various applications throughout the BioPharma, Food & Beverage, PetroChem and Ethanol industries.  These little RTD's play a role in Bearing temperature monitoring, product transit condition monitoring and various surface sensing and tight locations where addition temperature profile and awareness is important to the process.




The team had a blast think beyond the rules, historical approaches and known materials.  In true "achieve, change and improve" mode, we are doing it again.


What paradigms have you busted through recently?  Click the comment button and tell us a bit about your recent  A-ha's.



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