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Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo; Photos

Posted on June 26, 2008

The Burns team snapped a few photos at the FEW Expo...few-expo-logo.jpg


What the talk is all about... the-controversy.png


Our friends from Yokogawa.yokogawa-team-2.jpg


Some great guys at


Did you grab a bobber at the BURNS booth?bobbers.png


Proof that there is more to producing Ethanol than, Fuel, Feed.


Many of the organizations at the FEW event offered various perspectives regarding some of the controversy in the industry.fagen-logo.jpg


Fagen Inc. had this sign in their booth...kernels-of-truth.jpg


An interesting and informative Expo....


What were your observations or questions about Ethanol?  Click the comment button and share...



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Home from the FEW event?


Interested in what's happening in the Ethanol Industry?


Have a few thoughts about Ethanol and want to be in conversation?


Here are three places to engage...








>  Burns BEblog...  we'll stay connected from the temperature measurement perspective. Also check out the Ethanol page.


Sponsored by Ethanol Producer Magazine, Jessica Sobolik Managing Editor






>  The FEW Blog.


Talking Stalk Blog, with Tom Bryan...


Stay in touch and share your experience and wisdom about the Ethanol Industry, critical temperature measurement and all the challenges we face in the world of energy consumption and sources...



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More than a FEW at the FEW Expo

Posted on June 17, 2008

Ethanol and it's expansive support industry at the FEW Event have rushed the gates at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center.   They are talking everything from filter bag systems, mixers, bacteria issues, biodiesel, fermentation and thermal oxidizers....   The conversation even dipped into the area of CIP (Clean in Place), posing the question, "Should the Ethanol fermentation process move toward the sanitary guidelines similar to the food and beverage industry?"  This was driven by the co-product "Distillers Grain" entering into the food stream through the animal feed.


The Expo opened Monday evening, breaking the ice with a Grand Opening and massive social in the expo arena.  The spirit in the room was an interesting mix of excitement, passion and commitment to all the good aspects and value of Ethanol as a clean and renewable fuel energy source.  That doesn't mean that there aren't questions and concerns about the interdependency with the other uses of corn, and the economic complexities as the ethanol industry grows....  It sounds like these folks are aware of all of this, and are committed to being good stewards of the resources they consume and at the same time looking for additional Sugar & starch sources to balance the demand for corn.  One alternate fermentation product being discussed is ALGAE!  Now that's being creative!


More later from on the Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo and the passionate folks in attendance.


What are your thoughts and concerns about Ethanol...  Click the comment button above and tell us your thoughts.



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Burns Engineering - “BE” ???

Posted on June 6, 2008

Jim Burns has used a key phrase in nearly every communication to our various stakeholders.  That phrase is "Who we are and what we do..."  It seems to fit every aspect of the Burns vision, intention and values, guiding our interactions and purpose with all stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers, contractors, representatives, distributors....It's about being true to who Burns, as an organization, has been and is today!


BE real


It's about being consistent and honest with what we do, what we are experts at, what our sweet spot is, and how we serve and resolve problems and challenges for our stakeholders.  (By the way, that's the fun part!)


So, it seemed logical and effective to use the initials of Burns Engineering, "BE", to build statements and phrases around describing who and how we will be for each other and for all the friends of Burns.  These phrases such as BE in conversation, BE temperature experts, BE creative, BE confident, BE relieved, effectively drive our thinking, behavior and intentions to support "Who we are and What we do..."


Join us in the conversation through the BEblog or by registering on the Web Site to discover, design and create temperature products and systems to serve your success, and we promise to achieve, change and improve to continually serve you, and all Burns stakeholders.


Thanks for joining Burns on this journey.



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