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Burns PRT goes swimming…

Posted on April 21, 2008

Originally design in 1975, the Burns Engineering Underwater PRT has found itself serving many submerged needs in industries from Power generation to Paper processing; helping to protect the delicate aquatic environment.




In Minnesota it's all about the Walleye...


The Burns Underwater PRT spends so much time underwater it's beginning to grow gills


In my search, DNR within every state in the US has regulation and guidelines for Industrial water discharge temperature to insure protection of the lakes, rivers and streams.




We all have a responsibility to care for our world.  This is one way Burns Engineering supports a Greener Globe!


What can we do to help you protect the environment?



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PRT? RTD? Cool Technology

Posted on April 15, 2008

The Engineering folks at Burns are always looking for interesting temperature measurements and devices.  Well here are a few of our latest finds.  These are not typical PRT's or RTD's.  They are unique and highly custom applications of classic technology and cutting edge brilliance.

Temperature PillPill - One time use!

If you have a fever or are planning a climb of Mt Everest you may find this device of interest.  The ultimate Sanitary RTD.


Remember, it's for single use only..


From Nova, Jan 2006; the Thermal Radio Pill was presented as part of the article on understanding the health issues during high altitude climbs.




This next device called a Shot Noise Thermometer  presented by Yale in 2006 is nearly Quantum Physics based technology.  This idea relates noise, not audible noise but electrical noise, to temperature.  The intention is to develop this device into an operating primary standard for temperature down to 0.01 Kelvin.  Calibration of this device is certainly a metrology challenge, covering multiple measurement techniques and requiring sub-millikelvin combined uncertainties.


Quantum Structure


In the area of Quantum Mechanics, is Nanotechnology.   The International Nanotechnology Business directory shows some Nano-Pictures.  Take a look!  Then come back and see what Nanoway Cryoelectronics , a company in Finland is working on.  Nanoway is launching a test program for their CBT  (Coulomb Blockade thermometer) sensor chip.  This Nano based device operates in the near absolute zero range.


We just thought these were fascinating and wanted to share.


Have you seen any interesting temperature measurement devices lately?


Click on the comment button above to share some of your discoveries!





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Intech Insights & The Feds

Posted on April 7, 2008

Greg Hale from Intech, on his blog "Talk to Me" shares a bit about MEP(Manufacturing Extension Partnership), a subsidiary of NIST.






Looks like collaboration and a desire to serve.  Hard to argue with that!


If you have any experience engaging with the MEP organization, the folks at Burns would love to hear about it.  Click the comment button above and share.



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Burns team supports local Food Shelf

Posted on April 1, 2008

Caring has always been an important part of who we are here at Burns Engineering. When my father founded the company, it was based on the premise that we care about how temperature plays an important role for our customers' process efficiency, product quality and/or environmental safety.


Here at the office we find ways to care for each other in the way we work together in teams such as our Kaizen events AND we find ways to have fun together. We even have a fun committee that plans activities year round for all the employees to participate in.



Recently we had an event that provided an opportunity to turn our caring outside our 4 walls. We organized a food drive. To make it fun we split into 3 groups to see which team could bring in the most. The teams all had a lot of good healthy competition. We developed team slogans, celebrated team participation with home made baked goods, our mail carrier even brought in items for each team.




We delivered the goods on a cold Minnesota day when the food shelf was almost empty. The VEAP organization (Voluteers Enlisted to Assist People) welcomed us with warm hearts.  What the Burns teams had collected weighed in at 550 lbs! It was a true win win: we further developed our Social Good mindset (and had fun) and the food shelf received the much needed supplies.


Have your organization support your local food shelf. Then return to the BEblog and share what you collected via the comment button above... Can you beat 550 Lbs?


Jim Burns


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