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Serious work at INTERPHEX08 - really!

Posted on March 28, 2008

...There's a saying that goes something like this...


"Take your work seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously."


PIA & FDAmonkey2.JPG


It appears the PIA agent at Interphex2008 believes that also...


The work at Interphex is certainly important, but the P.I.A agent found that at ROVISYS, a leading provider of process automation solutions, they take their work seriously, yet are willing to have a little fun as well.



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Been Served? Get your summons now!

Posted on March 27, 2008

The PIA agent at Interphex is serving people;  Serving them each a summons.


piasummons.pngBut it's OK...  If you weren't able to travel to Philadelphia for the event, click here to visit our PIArelief web page and BE relieved – from hassles with the PIA, the FDA, CFR, GMP, CAPA ... you name it!


Also, check out the Interphex blog:  PharmTeck Talk  to see what else is happening.



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Interphex Blog; follow the action!

Posted on March 27, 2008

Whether your at the Interphex '08 event or just curious about what's happening....




Michelle Hoffman, Editor-in-Chief of, welcomes folks to the PharmTech Blog.  The awesome thing is, it's happening live and ongoing directly from Interphex'08.


Join the conversation HERE or on the PharmTech Intephex Blog....



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Is the PIA on your case?

Posted on March 26, 2008

When it comes to biopharma manufacturing processes, we know you've got a lot to deal with, like the P.I.A., for instance. (NOTE: The P.I.A. – Process Investigation Association – is in no way related to the FDA, they're just meaner!)




So for all you folks at INTERPHEX '08, beware of being served a summons by our very own P.I.A. agent. When you receive your summons, relax and be sure to visit us Burns Engineering at Booth #458 for relief.


We have trained personnel from Burns Engineering standing by; experts in how temperature plays a role in your biopharma process. They are ready to assist you with solutions and relief, not only from the P.I.A., but from the FDA, CFR, GMP, CAPA, P3-A, ASME-BPE Standards and SIP/CIP system validation and certification issues!


So who knows? With all the temperature-measurement solutions he can lead you to, our P.I.A. agent at INTERPHEX '08 could turn out to be your best friend!


(Stay tuned for more reports coming from the show floor of INTERPHEX '08 over the next few days.)



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Burns Engineering-find us at Interphex

Posted on March 24, 2008

 Find Burns or anyone else at Interphex...interphex_logo1.jpg Enter "458" next to"GO" to find Burns Engineering.


Or scroll down the exhibitors list, select company, enter the booth number next to "GO".


Enjoy your visit.  Watch out for the P.I.A agent! You might get served!



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Interphex 2008 - See you there!

Posted on March 20, 2008

  "...accelerating regulated products for patient care globally."interphex_logo.jpg


Profound statement from Interphex.  We'll be there.


Get "Served" by the PIA Rep., then get relief from the Burns team!

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Burns Engineering Sr. Metrology Engineer, John Zwak, has been very busy testing products and ideas, as well as authoring papers on various subjects in the realm of temperature measurement and all the nuances and challenges involved to help you BE confident.

johnzwak2.png John's early RTD experience was with a premier Aerospace temperature products company. This experience positions him very well to bridge the rigorous with the practical; the technology with the application; and the desire to learn with the desire to share.


John's recent technical papers have covered topics such as; PRT Error Sources; Part 1:  Interchangeability & Part 2:  Insulation Resistance and Part 3: Stability.


In his paper regarding As Found Calibration Data, John helps interpret this valuable information as part of the SSPRT calibration after an in service period.  He's also working on a paper describing the use of an Ice Bath to approximate the Triple Point of Water.  This wonderful example of Johns' practical approach to complex issues, was briefly introduced in a previous post titled Calibration; Creativity & Confidence.  This paper has been included in the technical program at the NCSL International Conference in August.


conference2008-square-1.gifThis isn't the first paper presented to an Industry-wide audience. John co-authored and presented an introductory article called: "Zero Tolerance" for ISA / InTech, May 2005.


As co-author, John's paper on Measuring Temperature in Small Diameter Lines, after being presented at the 2002 International Temperature Symposium, was recognized by the ISPE organization, winning The Roger F. Sherwood Article of the Year award in 2005.


When John isn't authoring, performing uncertainty analyses or reviewing calibration data, he's creating custom RTD designs for various challenging applications. John and his new friend Matt, introduced in an earlier post, are constantly collaborating on new customized designs.


And just in case you're wondering, John is not all work and no play. He's also a family man. John and his wife have three children ranging from age seven to 18 years. John's family are also big Disney fans and enjoy spending time with the Mouse.


John’s friend Mickey




Walt Disney is known for quotes like; "It's kind of fun to do the impossible" and "If you can dream it, you can do it".   Interestingly , John and Walt think alike in the area of problem solving and technical creativity. Walt Disney uses the title "Imagineers" for the most creative folks. We often think of John that way.


John and his friends at Burns are on a mission to deeply engage in the world of temperature measurement and share what we learn with those we serve.


So watch for more technical papers available on the Burns Web Site.


And if there's something specific you'd like to hear more from John about a la temperature, click the comment button above or just email him at  He'd love to chat!





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Burns’ Continuous Improvement via 5S

Posted on March 1, 2008

The Manufacturing Team at Burns Engineering continues it's quest for continuous improvement. Here's a link to the previous post.


Over the last year we've been applying the 5S principles (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) in several areas of production. We now have set of tools that are color-coded and several with homes on shadow boards. Our inventory is organized on labeled shelves and the group has adopted a culture that leverages every moment of slack time for cleaning and important preventive maintenance.


We've made good progress, Graph of Results, yet we're not resting on our laurels. 5S is a key tool for continuous improvement at Burns and we'll continue to audit the machine shop and springboard their successes into other departments.


Color Coded Shadow Board Maintenance




Have any questions or experience with 5S? Click the comment button above and share!




Manufacturing Engineer & 5S / Kaizen facilitator

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