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Always Curious - Temperature in Industry!

Posted on January 13, 2010

How deep does the interest in temperature measurement in the industry run at Burns Engineering?  So deep that Jan, Burns' Customer Service Representative, went on a tour of a Power Plant with her family.  Here is what she observed at the Coal Fired Power Plant.


I recently had a chance to tour a power plant and observe how coal is converted into energy to heat our homes, businesses etc.coal-electric-plant-2.png  To me the most interesting part of my tour was watching the coal cars being emptied.  The trains come in from Wyoming or Montana with 105 to 117 cars loaded with coal. Each car holds up to 120 tons. The cars are automatically pulled thru the plant and each car is completely turned over and emptied onto a conveyer where the coal is crushed to fine dust for burning. The long line of cars continue to move slowly thru the plant and each one is emptied one after the other.  As the coal is crushed, water is continuously sprayed over it to keep it compacted.  The plant burns coal at a rate of 30,000 tons every day; about 3 trainloads, or about 9 million tons a year. 


I was able to stand on the roof and look over the 4500 acres the plant is on.electric-plant-3.png   There is a 88 acre coal storage pile with a 40 to 45 day supply of crushed coal piled high for burning.  I saw the main control room, the boilers and the large equipment used to move piles of coal out in the yard.  There are 3 boilers, each more than 200 feet tall, that use about 3,335,000 gallons of water an hour to produce steam.  All 3 boilers combined,  burn more than 1300 tons of coal per hour.   This is quite an engineering marvel and if you ever get a chance to go thru a power plant I highly recommend.


Jan,  Burns Customer Service.

Thanks for sharing your story Jan!


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