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Trade Show? No Go?

Posted on December 18, 2009

What is your opinon of the classic Trade Show experience?  Burns participates in various Trade Shows and although there are always some interesting people to meet and facinating things to see, the attendance has been pretty thin.iphex-1.JPGmwfpa-traffic2.JPG


Has the Trade Show style event run out of steam?


Has information accessibility via the WEB transcended the historical value of the Trade Show hands-on experience?


What do you think?


What approaches do you prefer to evaluate products and services and see what's new?


Share your thoughts.  Comment anonymously, simply don't include your name in the comment text.  We are always looking for ways to better connect with our customers and other temperature enthusiasts.



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It depends on the format ...

If the trade show is just that - exhibitors showing their wares & people wandering around looking, then I agree that the value is somewhat diminished. HOWEVER, the personal interaction dose count for somethings, AND I may run into something new (previously unknown to me) that may be useful in the future.

If the "trade show" is part of a technical conference then it still has immense value. The personal interaction is even more important, plus everyone has the opportunity to attend educational sessions (or send their people there.) (I maintain that an organization gets great value from enabling their more junior people to attend events such as MSC, NCSLI and ASQ WCQI so they can learn from their peers and elders. But unfortunately it is generally only the more senior ones who go, causing the organization to gradually lose knowledge as they retire.)
Thanks for the comment. I do agree that the technical conferences have added value, and generally the Show portion of these events are a bit more low key. Is it the economic state that is causing the low attendance, lack of interest or choosing other approaches to See What's New??

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