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Temperature Experts: 10 Tip in Process Heating

Posted on January 8, 2009

As Temperature Measurement Experts we are not only passionate about sharing what we know, but also learning and stretching our creativity in solving temperature measurement challenges.  Here is a link to our article in Process Heating on temperature measurement tip.  Click here:  Burns article in Process Heating Magazine on-line.


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With temperature being the most widely measured process variable its great to have a quick easy reference like this to share. I remember a story of a guy who thought he had a very stable process only to find out his temperature reading equipment had "frozen" right at his set point. After replacing the equipment he established a regular calibration procedure.
Chuck, I haven't had time to look over this latest blog, but it looks like a dandy. I have shared this blog with Russell. This is a great sales tool that we need to exploit. Have a Happy New Year!

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