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Measuring the Actual Process Temperature

Posted on August 27, 2013

True - Any sensor will measure temperature.


False - The measurement always represents the process actual temperature.


We have proven time after time that the sensor selection and the interface of the sensor with the process will turn a measurement into a confident measurement.  Which would you like?


Recent tests on stem conduction, specifically at very cold temperatures, reinforced our commitment to discussing the installation with our customers.


Don't be fooled by the specifications as they are typically only to compare sensor designs based on tests in the laboratory according to ASTM or IEC.  Be aware that these standards define stem conduction differently.




What really matters??  The details of the installation.  Various solution options exist to ensure confidence in the measurement at the temperatures you are concerned about....   even when the target immersion is a challenge.


Contact Burns Application Engineering:  info(at) or leave a comment / question.  We'd love to discuss your situation!!

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