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Food Safety - Temperature matters!

Posted on August 15, 2013

The food industry is challenged with bacteria that evolves as fast as the processes to manage them.  Listeria and Salmonella, the 2 big challenges, not to mention E. Coli, are changing and becoming more heat and chemical resistant.



The result is biofilms that grow quickly and are tougher to eradicate.  The treatment approaches gaining ground are enzyme based chemical that breakdown the biofilm and help expose the bacteria so that the cleaners and sanitizers can work their magic.  The belief is that sanitization is about 95% effective.  It is good that the human intestinal system can deal with that possibility of 5%.


The food industry works hard to keep their facilities and systems clean - from the loading dock to the processing equipment.


We have learned that the cleaners and sanitizers work best within a temperature range specified by the manufacturers.  Enzymes are most effective between 120°F and 150°F.  The sterilization process typically involves steam at ~~ 250°F.  Sterilization is more costly to perform, although with accurate temperature monitoring to insure saturation, it is the only process that is 100% effective.


Thank you to the Food Processors for their diligence and dedication to these important processes and cleaning regiments - we as consumers truly appreciate your efforts...

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