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About BEnewsPage


Welcome to BEnews! 

Since November of 2007, we have shared news about Burns products; new and old.


We have informed you about industry activities we participate in.


We have shared insights and Aha’s from the associations we work with.



We have also talked about our commitment to excellence through our work with the Masters in the world of Metrology. (NVLAP Lab code: 200706-0)


What we’ve been sharing is news - BEnews!  We will keep sharing all the Cold Facts and Hot Topics regarding the world of Temperature Measurement.  From Sanitary RTD’s, to Secondary Comparison Standard (12005), to Temperature Calibration in as little as 3 days, to RTDology® web education sessions, if we or the industries we serve are making news, BEnews will post it.


As always, you are welcome - and encouraged! - to comment and participate. We certainly hope you’ll share your thoughts on what we are doing and learning by using the comment feature on the BEnews page, by any posting.


So, bookmark the BEnews site or while you’re on the Burns site, click the BEnews link and read all about the Cold Facts and Hot Topics!